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Abdominal Curl Test - Sit-ups
Abdominal Curl Conditioning Test (NCF)
Ability, Technique and Skill
About the Web Site Master
Acceleration, Speed and Velocity
Adams Closed Loop Theory
Adaptation to Training
Advertising on the BrianMac Web Site
Aerobic Endurance
Aerobic Threshold
Agility Ladder Exercises
Agonist, Antagonist, Fixator & Synergist Muscles
Altitude Effects
Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) Standards
American Football
Amino Acids
Anaerobic Capacity (glycolytic)
Anaerobic Endurance
Anaerobic Power (phosphagen)
Anaerobic Threshold
Anaerobic Threshold Testing
Anatomy & Physiology - Cardiovascular System
Anatomy & Physiology - Digestive System
Anatomy & Physiology - Endocrine System
Anatomy & Physiology - Muscular System
Anatomy & Physiology - Neurological System
Anatomy & Physiology - Respiratory System
Anatomy & Physiology - Skeletal System
Anatomy & Physiology - Articles and research literature reviews
Andragogy and Pedagogy
Angular Kinematics and Kinetics
Ankle - Static Flexibility Test
Anorexia Nervosa
Anterior Cruciate Ligament
AQA GCE AS & A Level PE Course Mapping to Sports Coach
Aqua Running (Deepwater running)
Arm Action - Running
Arm Plyometric Exercises
Articles - Guidelines for contributors
Article and Literature Reviews Library
Articles - Coaching - General
Articles - Coaching - Young Athletes
Articles - Sport Specific
Articles - Training - Conditioning
Articles - Training - Endurance
Articles - Training - Ergogenic Aids
Articles - Training - Injury Prevention
Articles - Training - Nutrition
Articles - Training - Performance Evaluation
Articles - Training - Physiology
Articles - Training - Planning
Articles - Training - Psychology
Articles - Training - Skill Development
Articles - Training - Speed
Articles - Training - Strength
Astrand Treadmill Test
Astrand 6 minute Cycle test - Vo2 max test on a static bike
Associative phase of the Learning Process
Athlete & Coach evaluation form
Athlete Assessment
Athlete Development
Athletic Incontinence
Athletic Track Lane Distances
Autonomous phase of the Learning Process

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Back Squat
Bandura's Social Learning Theory
Basketball Training
Basketball Articles
Benson's Relaxation Response
Bleep Test
Back Stabilisation Exercises
Backstroke (Swimming Stroke)
Balance Test
Balke VO2 Max Test
Balke Treadmill Test
Basal Metabolic Rate
Basic Fitness Training Program
Bench Press
Benefits of Exercising
Biceps Curl Test
Bilateral Exercises
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
Bleep Test - known as YoYo Test or Multistage Fitness Test
Block start settings
Blood Pressure
Bob Graham Round - 24hr fell race
Body Build - W.H. Sheldon scoring system
Body Building - Eating to Win
Body Building - Thinking to win
Body Building - Training to Win
Body Control Pilates
Body Type, Size, Composition
Body Fat Percentage
Body Fat Percentage using Girth Measurements
Body Fat Percentage using Height and Weight
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Bohr Shift
Bones in the human body
Books - Coaching
Books - Fitness
Books - Mobility
Books - Nutrition
Books - Physiology
Books - Plyometrics
Books - Psychology
Books - Physical Education
Books - Sports Injury
Books - Strength
Books - Speed
Books - Cycling
Books - Field Hockey
Books - Football (Soccer)
Books - Golf
Books - Running
Books - Rugby
Books - Rowing
Books - Swimming
Books - Tennis
Books - Triathlon
Borg Scale
Boxing Training
Boxing Articles
Breathing Rhythms
Breaststroke (Swimming Stroke)
British Athletics Welfare Policy - incorporating Child Protection
Bruce Treadmill Test
Bulimia Nervosa
Burpee Test
Butterfly (Swimming Stroke)

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Calculators - Microsoft Excel Format
Canadian Crunch Test
Carbohydrate Loading
Cardiac Drift - (Heart rate drift)
Cardiac Muscle
Cardiovascular System
Catastrophe Theory
Centering - Controlling anxiety
Central Nervous System - (CNS)
Central Nervous System Training
Chaining a complex skill
Chester Step Test
Child Protection Policy (British Athletics)
Chin up Test - arm and shoulder muscular endurance
Circuit Training
Circuit Training Exercises (Explanation of various exercises)
Closed and Open continuum
Clothing and Shoes
Coach & Athlete evaluation form
Coach/Athlete Training Roles
Coach Assessment
Coach's Corner (network of sports coaches)
Coaching - Articles and research literature reviews
Coaching - Art or Science
Coaching - Legal responsibilities
Coaching & Training Books etc.
Coaching Methods
Coaching Philosophy
Coaching Principles
Coaching Process
Coaching Resources
Coaching Skills & Roles
Coaching/Teaching Styles
Coaching Young Athletes (Children)
Coaching Young Athletes - Articles and research literature reviews
Coactive, Individual and Interactive skills
Code of ethics for coaches - British Athletics
Code of ethics for coaches - IAAF
Code of ethics for sports coaches
Cognitive phase of the Learning Process
Cohesion - Group Dynamics
Combined Events - Pentathlon
Combined Events - Hexathlon
Combined Events - Heptathlon
Combined Events - Octathlon
Combined Events - Decathlon
Communication Skills
Competition and Eating
Competition Evaluation
Competition Preparation
Competition warm-up/cool down program
Competitive Anxiety
Competitive State Anxiety Inventory (CSAI-2)
Complex Training (weights and plyometrics)
Complex and Simple Skills
Components of Fitness
Concentric & Eccentric Contraction
Concept 2 Rowing Step test
Conconi Test
Conditioning - Articles and research literature reviews
Conditioning Legs
Conditioning Lower Legs
Conditioning Upper Body
Connect 4- Brianmac's game of Connect Four
Conqueror Virtual Fitness Challenges
Contingency strategies- what if
Continuous and Interval training
Continuous, Serial and Discrete Continuum
Continuum - Skill Classification
Contrast (Hot & Cold) Baths for injury
Conversion Calculator (weight & distances)
Cool down & Warm-up
Cooper Test
Coordination Test - Hand-Eye
Core muscle strength & stability test (lower back & abdominals)
Core Stability
Core Stability Exercises
Cori Cycle
Critical Swim Speed
Cross Country Running
CSAI-2 - Competitive State Anxiety Inventory
Cunningham and Faulkner Test
Cycle Training
Cycling Articles
Cycle test - Astrand 6 minute - Vo2 max test on a static bike
Curl-Up test

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Deadlift - weight lifting exercise
Decathlon - Combined Events
Deep Water Running (Aqua Running)
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
Detraining or Reversibility
Developing Imagery skills
Digestive System
Discrete, Serial and Continuous Continuum
Discus Technique
Discus Photo sequence
Discus Training Program
Drinks - Sports Drinks
Drive Theory
Drop Off Test - 400m
Drugs and Supplements
Drugs and Anti-Doping
Dumbbell Exercises
Dumbbell Weight training Program
Dynamic Knee Extension Test
Dynamic Stretching Exercises

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800 metres Training Program
Eating and Competition
Eating Disorders
Eccentric & Concentric Contraction
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Effects of Transfer of Learning
Effect of wind and altitude on 100 & 200m sprint times
Elastic Leg Test
Elastic Strength
Endocrine System
Endurance - Articles and research literature reviews
Endurance Aerobic
Endurance Anaerobic
Endurance events- Training Program
Endurance Speed
Endurance test for 100m athletes
Endurance test for 200m athletes
Endurance Training
Energy Expenditure - Walking, Running, Cycling, Aerobics, Rowing, Swimming
Energy Pathways
Energy Source and Exercise Intensity
Environmental Effects
EPOC - Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption
Ergogenic Aids
Ergogenic Aids - Articles and research literature reviews
Essential Fat
Ethics - Code for sports coaches
Ethics - Code of for uk:athletics coaches
Evaluation Performance Tests
Evaluation Performance Tests - Sport specific
Evaluation - Coach & Athlete
Evaluation - Competition Performance
Evaluation of potential future Olympic athletes
Excel Calculators for Website Evaluation Tests
Exercise Intensity and Energy Source
Exercise and Pregnancy
Exercises Dumbbell
Exercises General Mobility
Exercise Health Check
Exercises Leg
Exercises Lower Leg
Exercises Plyometrics
Exercises Upper Body
Exercises Weight Training General
Exercises Weight Training Specific
External and Internal paced Continuum
Externally and Self paced skills
Extrinsic Feedback
Expiratory Reserve Volume (ERV)
Eye Hand Coordination Test

F Top of Page

40 metres multiple Sprint Test
40 yard Dash Training Program
400 metres Control Tests
400 metres Drop Off Test
400 metres Pace
400 metres Time Predictor Test - based on a 40 yard sprint time
400 metres Training Program
1500 metres Training Program
1500 metres Time Predictor Test
5k Training Program
5k Time Predictor Test
505 Agility Test
Factors that Influence Performance
Facts about Fat
Fat burning zone
Fat - Essential & Storage
Fat-free Body Mass
Fat and fat-free Tissue Density
Fartlek Training
Fast Feet Drills
Fast Feet Test
Fatigue - muscle
Feedback from visitors to Sports Coach
Feedback - Information
Fell Running
Female Athlete Triad
FEV1 - (forced expired volume in one second)
Fine and Gross Continuum
Fire Fighting Physical
FITT Principles
Fitness Components
Fitness Tests
Fitness Training Basic Program
Fitts and Posner - 3 Stages of Learning
Fixator, Agonist, Antagonist & Synergist Muscles
Flexed Arm-Hang Test
Flying 30 metre Speed Test
Foam Roller Exercises - self-myofascial release
Food Composition - calories, carbohydrate, protein, fat
Foot Supination and Pronation
Football (USA) Training
Football (Soccer) Training
Football Articles
Forced Vital Capacity (FVC)
Frank Horwill's 4-second rule
Free Radicals
Freestyle (Swimming Stroke)
Functional Residual Capacity (FRC)
Funding for Sport

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Gaining the winning edge
Game of Noughts and Crosses
Game of Connect 4
General Mobility Exercises
General Endurance Tests
General Fitness Training Program
General Strength Exercises using Dumbbells
Glycaemic Index for various items of food
Glycolytic energy system
Gluteal Muscles (Glutes)
Goal Setting
Golf Training
Golf Articles
Grip Strength - Dynamometer
Gross and Fine Continuum
Gross Motor Abilities
Group Dynamics
GROW Model
Guidelines for contributor of Articles
Guidelines to exercise and pregnancy
Gym Membership or Home Gym?

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Haemoglobin and Myoglobin
Half Marathon Training Program - for the experienced endurance athlete
Half Marathon Training Program - for the novice endurance athlete - based on mileage
Half Marathon Training Program - for the novice endurance athlete - based on time
Hammer Training Program
Hammer Throw Picture Sequence
Hand-Eye Coordination Test
Harvard Step Test
Health and Fitness
Healthy Eating
Heart - Function of
Heart - Normal Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Heart Rate Drift
Heart Rate Monitors
Heart Rate Stress Tests
Heart Rate Training Limitations
Heart Rate Training Zones
Heart Rate Variations
Heat Effects
Heptathlon - Combined Events
Hexagonal Obstacle Agility Test
Hexathlon - Combined Events
Hick's Law - response time
High-Intensity Interval Training
High Jump
High Jump Training Program
High Jump Technique Photo Sequence
High-Intensity Plyometrics
Hill Training
Hip Flexion Test
Hip & Trunk - Static Flexibility Test
History of Sport
History of the Sports Coach website
Home Gym or Gym Membership?
Home Step Test
Hot & Cold Contrast Baths for injury
How do I lose weight?
Hurdles - Sprint
Hurdles Technique Photo Sequence
Hydrogen ions (H+)
Hypertonic Drinks
Hypotonic Drinks

I Top of Page

IAAF notation for running sessions in training programs
Ideal Weight
Identification of the bones in the human body
Identification of the muscles in the human body
Illinois Agility Run Test
Illinois Self Evaluation Questionnaire
Imagery skills (developing them)
Incontinence - Athletic/Urinary
Individual, Coactive and Interactive skills
Information Search Facility
Information Feedback
Information Processing Model
Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention - Articles and research literature reviews
Injury - alternative training Programs (swimming and cycling)
Injury - use of Ice in the treatment of
Inspiratory Capacity (IC)
Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV)
Interval and Continuous training
Internal and External paced Continuum
Intrinsic Feedback
Inverse Stretch Reflex
Inverted-U hypothesis
Isokinetic Muscle Training
Isometric Muscle Training
Isotonic Drinks
Isotonic Muscle Training

J Top of Page

Javelin Photo sequence
Javelin Training Program
Jerk - Weight Training lift
Joints - Human body
Jumps Decathlon - Evaluation Test
Jump events - Training Program
Jump, Standing Long Jump Test
Jump, Vertical Jump Test

K Top of Page

Knee Injury - ACL
Knee Extension Test
Kinetic Chain Exercise (Open & Closed )
Kinaesthetic Feedback
Klatt Tests
Kolb's Learning Cycle
Kosmin Test
Krebs Cycle

L Top of Page

'L' Test or 3 Cone Test
Lactic Acid
LAS (Lactic vs Speed ) Test
Lactate Shuttle
Lactic Threshold Testing
Lactic Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) Testing
Lactose Intolerance
Ladder - Agility Exercises
Lateral Change of Direction Test
Leg Curl Test - Hamstrings
Leg Extension Test - Quadriceps
Legal Liability
Lean Body Mass
Learning a new skill
Learning Phases
Learning Styles and Questionnaire
Leg Exercises
Leg Strength Test
Leg Press
Legal responsibilities for coaches
Lengths and weights conversion calculator
Levers - Class 1, 2 and 3
Linear Kinematics and Kinetics
Linking to Sports Coach
Literature Reviews - Coaching
Literature Reviews - Conditioning
Literature Reviews - Endurance
Literature Reviews - Ergogenic Aids
Literature Reviews - Evaluation
Literature Reviews - Injury Prevention
Literature Reviews - Nutrition
Literature Reviews - Physiology
Literature Reviews - Planning
Literature Reviews - Psychology
Literature Reviews - Skill Development
Literature Reviews - Speed
Literature Reviews - Strength
Literature Reviews - Female Athletes
Literature Reviews - Master Athletes
Literature Reviews - Young Athletes
Loafing - Group Dynamics
Long Distance Events - 3k, 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon
Long Jump
Long Jump Drills
Long Jump Training Program
Long Jump Test
Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
Lower Body Plyometric exercises
Lower Leg Exercises
LTHR Testing
Lumbar Stabilisation Exercises
Lung volume and capacity

M Top of Page

Marathon Training Program - for the experienced endurance athlete
Marathon Training Program - for the novice endurance athlete - based on mileage
Marathon Training Program - for the novice endurance athlete - based on time
Marathon Training Tips
Marathon Training - the last 13 weeks
Margaria Kalamen Power Test
Massage - Sports
Massage Techniques (effleurage, petrissage and friction)
Massed and Distributed Practice
Maximal Tests
Maximum load calculator - Weight Training
Maximum Strength
Maximum Heart Rate
Maximum Heart Rate Stress Tests
McCloy Physical Fitness Test
Medication and Anti-Doping
Medicine Ball Training
Medicine Ball Javelin Quadrathlon
Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT)
Mental Imagery
Mental Imagery - developing the skill
Mental Imagery - quick set routine
Menstrual Cycle
Microcycle, Mesocycle & Macrocycle
Middle Distance Events - 800m and 1500m
Mobility - Dynamic Stretching Exercises
Mobility - General Stretching Exercises
Mobility - General Stretching Program
Mobility - Static Stretching Exercises
Modified Sit and Reach Test
Motor Fitness
Movement Analysis
Multi-directional sports training Program (Football, Rugby, Basketball etc.)
Multidimensional Anxiety Theory
Multistage Fitness Test - known as Bleep Test or YoYo Test
Multistage Fitness Test VO2 max tables
Muscular System
Muscles in the human body
Muscle Fatigue
Muscle Fibre Hypertrophy
Muscle Fibre Test - Dr Fred Hatfield
Muscle Function
Muscle Imbalance
Muscle Movement
Muscle Knot - trigger point
Muscle Origin & Insertion
Muscle Range of Movement
Muscle Stiffness
Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
Muscle Strength and Balance Checks
Muscle Training
Muscle Types - Cardiac, Skeletal & Smooth

N Top of Page

Neck and Trunk - Static Flexibility Test
Neurological System
Newsletters - Athletics Weekly and Sport-IQ
Newton's Laws of Motion
Newsletter - Articles
Nitrate (Beetroot Juice)
Normative Data- Averages for evaluation tests
Noughts & Crosses- Brianmac's game of Noughts (0) and Crosses (X)
Nutrition - Articles
Nutritional Tips

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1RM Standards for Military Press, Bench Press, Squat, Dead Lift & Clean
100 metres Training Program
150 metres Endurance Test
Octathlon - Combined Events
Olympic Games
Olympic Lifts
Olympic Lifts - The Jerk
Olympic Lifts - Power Clean
Olympic Lifts - Power Snatch
One repetition maximum (1RM)
Open and Closed Continuum
Optimal Recovery Process
Optimum Arousal Theory
Orthostatic Heart Rate Test
Outcome, Performance and Process Goals
Overhead Press Test
Oxygen Debt

P Top of Page

Paralympic Games
Part or Whole Instruction
Pedagogy and Andragogy
Pentathlon - Combined Events
Perceived Exertion
Performance Evaluation Tests
Performance Evaluation Tests - Sport-specific
Performance, Process and Outcome Goals
Performance Profiling
Personal Exercise Plan (PEP)
PEV - (peak expiratory flow)
Phosphagen energy system
Photo Sequence - Sprint Hurdle Technique
Photo Sequence - Sprint Technique
Physical Fitness
Physiology - Cardiovascular System
Physiology - Digestive System
Physiology - Endocrine System
Physiology - Muscular System
Physiology - Neurological System
Physiology - Respiratory System
Physiology - Skeletal System
Physiology - Articles and research literature reviews
Piriformis Muscle Syndrome
Planning - Articles and research literature reviews
Planning the Training - Overview of structure and development
Planning the Training - 6 stages of development
Plyometric Exercises - Arms
Plyometric Exercises - Legs
Plyometrics High-Intensity Exercises - Legs
Plyometrics - Squash
Pole Vault
Pole Vault Photo Sequence
Pole Vault Training Program
POMS Questionnaire
POMS Scoring
Pose Running Technique
Power Clean and Jerk
Power Snatch
Practice - Types of
Pre-Exercise Health Check
Predicting 400m Time
Predicting 1500m Time
Predicting 5km Time
Pregnancy and exercise
Press Up test
Principles of Training
Privacy Policy
Process, Performance and Outcome Goals
Profile of Mood States (POMS)
Profile of Mood States (POMS) Questionnaire
Profile of Mood States (POMS) Scoring
Pronation of the foot
Psoas Muscle - impact if short/tight
Psychological Skills Training
Psychology - Articles and research literature reviews
Psychomotor Abilities
Psychology - Gaining the winning edge
PWC-170 test
Pyramid System - Training system

Q Top of Page

"Q" Angle
Quadrathlon Test
Queens College Step Test
Quick Feet Drills
Quick Feet Test
Quick Set Routine - Mental Imagery

R Top of Page

Race distance time calculator
Race Evaluation
Race Preparation
Range Of Movement (Muscle ROM)
RAMP Framework
RAST - Running-based Anaerobic Sprint Test
Rating of perceived exertion - Borg Scale
Reaction Speed Drills
Reaction Time
Reaction Time Test - Ruler Drop Test
Reciprocal Inhibition
Recovery From Training
RED-S: Relative Energy Disorder in Sport
Relative Energy Disorder in Sport (RED-S)
Relay Sprint - 100 metres
Relaxation Techniques
Representation of running sessions in training programs
Residual Lung Volume (RLV)
Resting Daily Energy Expenditure (RDEE)
Resting Heart Rate
Respiratory System
Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)
Respiratory Quotient (RQ)
Reversibility or Detraining
RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
Rockport Fitness Walking Test
Rowing Training
Rowing Articles
Rowing Step Test
Rugby Training
Rugby Articles
Rugby Football Tests
Ruler Drop Test
Running Arm Action
Running Economy
Running Form
Running Shoes and Clothing
Running in Water (Aqua Running)
Running Technique for the Middle Distance runner
Running Technique for the Sprinter

S Top of Page

60 yard Dash - Training Program
60 metre Speed Test
Safety and Training
Sargent Jump Test
SCAT - Sports Competition Anxiety Test
SCCAMP - goal setting
Schmidt's Schema Theory
Search Facility
Sedentary Lifestyle - is it good for your health?
Self and Externally paced skills
Self Confidence
Self Hypnosis
Self-myofascial release - Foam Roller Exercises
Serial, Discrete and Continuous Continuum
Shaping a complex skill
Shin Soreness & Shin Splints
Short and Long-Term Memories
Shot Put Technique
Shot Put Training Program
Shuttle Run Test
Simple Sets - Training system
Simple and Complex Skills
Sit and Reach Test
Sit and Reach Test - Modified
Sit-Ups Test
Skeletal Muscle
Skeletal System
Skill - Articles and research literature reviews
Skill Classification - Continuums
Skill Development
Skill, Technique and Ability
Skinfold testing - Yuhasz Technique
SMARTER - goal setting
Smooth Muscle
Soccer (Football) Training
Social Loafing - Group Dynamics
Sodium Bicarbonate
Somatotyping - Body Type
SORAR - principles of training
Speed - Articles and research literature reviews
Speed Endurance
Speed Program (40 yard Dash)
Speed Reaction Drills
Speed Test 60 metres
Speed Test flying 30 metres
Speed Training
Speed, Acceleration and Velocity
Spirometer - the measurement of ventilatory function
SPORRI - principles of training
Sport Funding
Sport Specific Performance Evaluation Tests
Sports Reference Books
Sports Coach - Biography
Sports Coach - Disclaimer, Copyright and Privacy Policy
Sports Coach - Trace a page's development over the years
Sports Competition Anxiety Test - SCAT
Sports Drinks
Sports Equipment and Accessories
Sports Injury Bulletin - Free Newsletter
Sports Magazines
Sports Massage
Sports Psychology
Sports Specific Performance Tests
Sports Specific - Articles and research literature reviews
Sports Shoes
Sports Vision
Sprint Block Settings
Sprint Bound Index
Sprint Drills
Sprint events - 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m & relay
Sprint Hurdles
Sprint Hurdle Events - Training Program
Sprint Relay - 100 metres
Sprint Starting Block Setup
Sprint Starts
Sprint Technique
Sprint Technique Drills
Sprint Technique Photo Sequence
Sprint Time Predictions - 30m to 250m
Sprint Time Predictions - 150m to 600m
Sprinting - The effect of wind and altitude on 100 & 200m times
Squash Training
Squash Articles
Squats Test
Squat Test against a wall - quadriceps strength endurance
Stage Training
Standards - Amateur Athletic Association (AAA)
Standing Long Jump Test
Standing Stork Test
Standing Stork Test - Blind
Starling's Law of the Heart
Starting block settings
Static Flexibility Test - Ankle
Static Flexibility Test - Hip & Trunk
Static Flexibility Test - Shoulder & Wrist
Static Flexibility Test - Trunk & Neck
Static Flexibility Test - Shoulder
Static Stretching Exercises
Steeplechase Drills
Step Test - you can conduct at home
Step Training - how to improve your exercise performance
Stork Test
Stork Test - Blind
Strategies and Tactics
Strength - Articles and research literature reviews
Strength - Core muscle strength test (lower back & abdominals)
Strength Elastic
Strength Endurance
Strength Maximum
Strength Training Program - General
Strength Training Program - Specific
Strength Training - Sprinters
Strength Training - Swimmers
Strength Test - Lower body
Strength Test - Upper body
Strength Test - Hamstrings - Leg Curl
Strength Test - Quadriceps - Leg Extension
Stress Management
Stress Tests HRM
Stretch Reflex
Stretching - Assisted
Stretching - Ballistic
Stretching - Dynamic
Stretching - Static
Stretching - Pre and Post Exercise analysis
Stride Length
Stride Rate
Structure of British Sport
Submaximal Tests
Super Setting - Training system
Supination of the foot
Supplements and Substances
Supplements and Anti-Doping
Swimming Training
Swimming Articles
Synergist, Fixator, Agonist & Antagonist Muscles

T Top of Page

3 Cone Test or 'L' Test
10 Stride Test
20 metres Shuttle Run Test
30 metres Flying Speed Test
30 metres Acceleration Test
30 metres Sprint Fatigue - Power Maintenance Test
35 metres Sprint Speed Test
200 metres Training Program
250 metres Endurance Test
300 metres Training Program
300 yards Shuttle Test
2.4km Run Test
3km Training Program
10km Training Program
'T' Drill Test
Tabata Protocol
Tactics and Strategies
Talent Evaluation
Tapering for competition
Teaching Methods
Teaching/Coaching Styles
Technique, Skill and Ability
Technique Development
Technique Drills for Runners
Tecumseh Step Test
Tempo Runs
Tennis Training
Tennis Articles
TEOSQ - Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire
Test Anaerobic performance
Test Elastic Strength (legs)
Test General Endurance
Test Leg Strength
Test Lateral Change of Direction
Test Quadrathlon
Tests - Performance Evaluation
The Conqueror Virtual Fitness Challenges (2020)
Tidal Volume (TV)
Time Effects
tlimvVO2 max and vVO2 max
Total Mood Distribution (TMD)
Total Quality Recovery (TQR)
Total Lung Capacity (TLC)
Track Lane Distances on an athletics track
Track Safety
Track Aids
Training - Articles and research literature reviews
Training for an Aerobic Test
Training Adaptation
Training Principles
Training Program - 6 stages of development
Training Programs - track & field, triathlon, road and fell running & team sports.
Training Recovery
Training Shoes
Training Systems
Training Schedule
Training Unit
Training Zones
Transfer of Learning
Treadmill VO2 max Test
Triathlon Training
Triathlon Articles
Trigger Points
Triple Jump
Triple Jump Drills
Triple Jump Training Program
Trunk Flexion Test
Trunk and Neck - Static Flexibility Test
Trunk and Hip - Static Flexibility Test
Types of Practice

U Top of Page

UK Coaching Certification (UKCC)
Ultimate Frisbee™
Unilateral Exercises
Upper Body Exercises
Urinary Incontinence (Athletic Incontinence)
USA Football

V Top of Page

Variable and Fixed Practice
Vagal Tone
Velocity, Acceleration and Speed
Ventilatory Function - Spirometer
Vertical Jump Test
Visitor's Comments on Sports Coach
Visitor's Feedback on Sports Coach
Visualisation (imagery skills)
Vital Capacity (VC)
VO2 max
VO2 max calculated from a 1.5 mile (2.4km) Run Test
VO2 max calculated from a race result
VO2 max calculated from a one-mile jog
VO2 max calculated from non-exercise data
VO2 max normative data tables
VO2 max wheelchair test
VO2 max step test
vVO2 max & tlimvVO2 max

W Top of Page

Waist to Hip Ratio test
Wall Squat Test - quadriceps strength endurance
Warm-up & Cool Down
Water Intoxication
Weights and measures conversion calculator
Weight - what is my your ideal weight?
Weight - how do I lose it?
Weight Lifting Standards
Weight Training
Weight Training Maximum Load calculator
Weight Training program - dumbbells
Weight Training program - free weights and machines
Weight Training program - sprinters
Welford's Information Processing Model
Wheelchair VO2 max Test
Whitemore Learning Cycle
Whiting's Information Processing Model
Whole or Part Instruction
Whole-Part-Whole learning of a complex skill
Wilf Paish Rugby Football Tests
Wingate ANaerobic 30 cycle Test (WANT)
Wrist and Shoulder - Static Flexibility Test
WRINL Archive 2024

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X Country Running

Y Top of Page

Young Athletes - Coaching
Yo-Yo Endurance Test
Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance Test
Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test
Yuhasz Technique of skinfold testing

Z Top of Page

Zig-Zag Test