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Coach's Corner

"Coach's Corner" aims to establish a list of qualified coaches worldwide willing to provide coaching and training advice to other coaches and athletes. A qualified coach holds a coaching qualification recognised by their sport's national governing body.

How to join the coaching network

If you are a registered coach with your sport's national governing body, have an email address and are prepared to share your coaching/athletic experiences and knowledge with other coaches/athletes. Please complete the Coach's Corner Registration Form.

Qualified Coaches

Select the required Track & Field event, Sport or Skill to see a list of the available coaches.

Track and Field

Combined Events Sprints
Endurance Steeplechase
Hurdles Strength & Conditioning
Jumps Throws
Middle Distance Young Athlete


Archery Futsal Snooker
Australian Football Golf Skiing
Badminton Gymnastics Speed Skating
Basketball Hurling Squash
Bowls Ice Skating Swimming
Boxing Judo Swimming - Diving
Canoeing Kayaking Table Tennis
Cricket Korfball Tennis
Cross Country Lacrosse Tenpin Bowling
Cycling Martial Arts Triathlon
Fell Running Orienteering USA Football
Fencing Road Running Volleyball
Field Hockey Rowing Water Polo
Figure Skating Rugby Weight Lifting
Football Sailing Wrestling

Supporting Skills

Sports Massage Therapy Sports Psychology