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Coaching Network

If you are looking for sport or event specific coaching or training advice then contact the coaches listed on the Coach's Corner pages. These coaches, from around the world, are prepared to share their knowledge and experience with other coaches and athletes.

General Coaching and Training advice

  • Ask The Personal Trainer - Best Exercise Information, Workout, Videos, Nutrition and Supplement Advice..
  • Coaches Corner - A network of coaches in the UK and around the world who are prepared to share, with other coaches and athletes, their coaching experience and knowledge
  • Crossfit London -  Promoting high intensity exercise regimes, advice on Olympic Weight lifting, kettle bells and body weight exercises..
  • 4Ever Fitness - Training and Exercise Tips - Everything about fitness training and exercise tips. Eat right and live healthy with 4Ever Fitness..
  • Forward Fitness Personal Training - Personal training company operating in South London and surrounding areas. General fitness or specific goals. Training individually tailored for you..
  • ISO Micro Gym - The complete 15 minute ISO programme in a pocket size flip chart for all round strength and fitness..
  • - Your muscle up resource for weight training, bodybuilding, kettlebells, and 6 pack abs..
  • Mindtomusclefitness - Mindtomusclefitness offers the best information on strength and conditioning, muscle building and weight loss to help you achieve your goals..
  • Sport e Coach - provides internet-based solutions for sports coaching, health & fitness. Services include an accredited online level 1 strength & conditioning coaching qualification & online training advice..

Athletic Equipment Suppliers

Athletic Federations

Athletic Clubs

Sports Therapy

  • OnTrack Sports Therapy - our aim is to provide both sportsmen and women of all levels of physical activity, with professional care and management of sports injuries. Sports therapy is not only concerned with injury prevention, but aims to facilitate a more efficient recovery of injuries to get individuals functionally stronger in order to reduce the likelihood of injury reoccurrence. We have clinics in both Brixton and South Woodford.
  • Muscle Massage - Whether you are an elite athlete or recreational enthusiast you will benefit from a sports massage. Mark Baldry is a massage therapist based in Chelmsford, Essex..
  • TalarMade Ltd - A wide range of sports injury products including back braces, knee supports, wrist braces and much more..

Sports Business Industry

  • Daily Sports News - Get all your daily sports news here! ..
  • SportCentral - SportCentral - Sports Social Network - Find teammates, get deals at sports venues, organize your team, discover local sports events and more! ..

PE Students and Teachers

  • is an indispensable resource in the USA for any one interested in becoming a physical educator, or improving their current educational credentials.

Personal Trainers

  • Health and Fitness Education (HFE) - HFE delivers one of the UK's leading personal trainer courses. As an award winning training provider to the fitness industry, HFE boasts a wide-range of qualifications that are delivered primarily in a blended style. Learners complete a period of fully supported home-study, in which all the resources are provided, before attending an intensive practical training course at one of their regional training centres. All of their courses lead to industry recognised fitness instructor qualifications.
  • HoylesFitness - The online home of a Cheshire Personal Training and Wellbeing business. Their services include Personal Training, Corporate Fitness and their own unique weight loss group, The Handy Plan..
  • Icon Training - They provide Personal Training Courses at venues across the UK. They have written a great page on how to Become a Personal Trainer from starting your initial personal trainer courses to taking part in further courses such as a Kettlebell Instructor Course this a good introduction to the fitness industry and what it takes to succeed.
  • - The International Fitness Professionals Assoc. (IFPA) is proud to provide the highest quality education and certification process for Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Specialist, Medical-Fitness Specialists and all professionals, dedicated to leading everyone to the health and fitness lifestyle..

Fund Raisers

  • Father Fitness - is the personal fitness journey of Paul Stainthorpe. From first-time Father to fitness and events to fund-raising..

Inspirational Athletes

    Life LAM & Lovely Lungs - Justine is a young lady I have coached for a couple of years and despite her disability she is truly an inspirational athlete - just read her blog (Life LAM & Lovely Lungs) to find out just what she has achieved since her double lung transplant in 2006.

    Mutha Fitness Blog - This is a blog to share my weight loss story so far. I am a 30 something Mum embarking upon a journey of general health, fitness and overall wellbeing..

Sport Specific Advice

  • Helpful Baseball Drills - After twenty five years of little league coaching I now share my knowledge and experiences on my website Helpful Baseball Drills..


    Golf Vacation with PGA Professional - ProGolf Tours is a unique personalised golfing vacation experience. Our members visit & play on some of the best courses in Europe accompanied by PGA qualified professionals..

Rugby League

  • Footy Central - a rugby league recruitment matching service for players, coaching staff and clubs..


Tennis Track and Field

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