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Triathlon Training

The Triathlon comprises of three events which are completed in the following order; Swim, Cycle and Run. The Triathlon is contested over various distances.

Event Swim Cycle Run
Super Sprint 400 metres 10 kilometres 2.5 kilometres
Sprint 0.75 kilometres 20 kilometres 5 kilometres
Olympic 1.5 kilometres 40 kilometres 10 kilometres
Middle Distance 2.5 kilometres 80 kilometres 20 kilometres
Long Distance 4 kilometres 120 kilometres 30 kilometres
Half Ironman 1.9 kilometres 90 kilometres 21.09 kilometres
Ironman 3.8 kilometres 180 kilometres 42.195 kilometres

Training programs

A training program has to be developed to meet the individual needs of the athlete and take into consideration many factors: gender, age, strengths, weaknesses, objectives, training facilities etc. As all athletes have different needs, a single program suitable for all athletes is not possible.

The following are example triathlon training programs:

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