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Funding for Sport

Sporting Organisations require finance for running events and competitions, promotion and development, sports facilities, everyday running costs, training facilities, sports scholarships, salaries etc. Organisations can raise money from fund-raising activities, but most will require financial help from outside sources.

Sources of income

The money to build and maintain sports facilities can come from a variety of sources:

  • National Lottery - began in 1994. Bids can be made for a lottery funding grant, although they must fulfil specific criteria, e.g. access for disabled
  • Government taxes - National and local governments raise money through taxation, including gambling levies
  • UK Sport - distributes money directly and via other bodies
  • Sports National Governing Bodies
  • Sponsorship
  • Membership schemes - entrance fees, booking fees, merchandise
  • Private investment
  • Individual athletes, teams, clubs, event organisers etc

The funding of sports performers

Sports performers can receive money for playing sports in several ways - the more successful they are, the higher the variety of sources of income. Potential sources are:

  • Wages - Some sports pay performers a salary for playing
  • Appearance money - In some sports, players can be paid for taking part, usually by the event's sponsors
  • Prize money - The winner of an event may receive a sum of money.
  • Sponsorship - Financial backing from companies who use the sport or performers to promote their products.
  • Scholarships - Some schools and organisations pay talented performers scholarships to cover the cost of training and competition, as well as their education
  • TV appearance fees - Players can be paid for appearing on shows and commentating on matches
  • Publicity - Well-known performers can receive money for guest appearances or for activities such as opening new shops

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