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Coaching Articles - General

  • Biomechanical Interventions
    Dr. Matt Long, Jamie French and Barry Cook explore how coaches can affect biomechanical adjustments in the running form of athletes.
  • Train Low, Compete High
    Matt Durkin explains why athletes are now choosing to adopt a periodised approach to their nutrition, just like they do with their training.
  • Fostering Strong Relationships Between Coaches and Athletes
    The relationship between a coach and their athletes is a key component to any kind of success in the sporting world, and many trainers strive to establish these as strongly as they can, with each one of their players.
  • What is the Female Athlete Triad?
    At a young age, sports can provide both a physical and emotional outlet for kids, not to mention a safe social space that teaches teamwork, dedication, and communication skills. For young women, however, researchers are finding that unique health risks associated with playing sports can threaten a female athlete's well-being and ability to continue playing sports safely.
  • Sports Management
    Sally Perkins provides some advice on preparing for a career in Sports Management.
  • Sports Stars Hobbies
    Paul Aitken looks at the surprising hobbies and talents of famous sports stars.
  • Sports Partnerships
    George Draper discusses Sports Partnerships and their influence on Brand Awareness.
  • Sports Trophies
    Behind every athlete exists a driving motivation. For some, playing sports is a way to have fun while getting some much-needed exercise. Others are motivated by money, prestige, or power. Regardless of the reason for pursuing athletics, you would be hard-pressed to find an athlete who did not appreciate being recognized for his or her achievements. Here are just five reasons why trophies matter.
  • One for the Ages
    Dr. Matt long and Jamie French disaggregate the notion of ‘age' in exploring a classic 800m encounter involving the greatest rivalry in British athletics history.
  • Worth a Shout
    Dr. Matt long encourages middle distance coaches to consider their spatial location and potential to make verbal intervention during competition.
  • Five Pearls of Wisdom
    Dr. Matt long reports on a presentation given by Tony Strudwick, Manchester United head of Performance, at an England Athletics and BMC endurance symposium.
  • Football Funding
    Terry Clarke explains how the funding behind English football works.
  • The Best Football Players
    Terry Clarke explains who the best football players in the world are.
  • eSports
    Irene Cecotti considers if eSports are the new Olympic Sport of the 21st Century.
  • Is Poker a sport?
    Adam Barney considers "what is a sport" and would it be appropriate to say, "Poker is a sport"?
  • How to become a Personal Trainer

    With our increasingly sedentary lifestyle and stress levels from work and life in general, lifestyle diseases like obesity are at an all-time high. Little wonder then that personal trainers and lifestyle coaches are so much in demand. Jenny Richards provides advice on the prerequisites of what it takes to become a personal trainer.

  • Bizarre Sports Origin Stories
    Sports bring out the best in people. Human beings have always been drawn to the competitive outlet that sports provide. Sports themselves often have legends (mythical stories) associated with them. While some of these are believable, others are just too good to be true, this article examines some of these myths associated with some of our favourite sports.
  • Tutoring Pointers
    Ron Johnson provides some helpful pointers for USA tutors to consider if they want to get the most out of their first tutoring session.
  • Amazing NFL Athletes
    The NFL recently released its annual "Top 100 Players List" for 2015. The top spot goes to Aaron Rodgers, freak quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers is a 2x MVP winner, and he has a career passer rating of 106, which is decidedly freakish if you consider no one else in NFL history has had a rating above 98. In honour of Rodgers top NFL ranking, here is a few more players who are true human marvels.
  • A Backyard Fitness Centre
    The days of watching the kids ride off into the neighbourhood on their bikes are largely gone. Most of today's parents want to have their children within sight all day long. This safety concept takes away some of the exercise kids used to have as they returned at sunset for dinner, however. Keep the kids in shape and safely in the backyard with some of these fitness oasis ideas. From inexpensive to investment-worthy, these exercise strategies will fit almost any budget.
  • World Sports Events
    Every day there are many sporting events that happen all over the world. Out of all those sports events, there are some that leave a mark year after year. Jenny Richards provides an overview of the six world's biggest sporting events.
  • Coach Independent
    Dr. Matt long and Jamie French spoke to national coach mentor Malcolm Fenton about coach-dependent athletes. Whilst appropriate feedback can be given by the coach to the athlete during competition, there is the danger of what Goldsmith (2012) calls, 'over-coaching'. He explains that, "Coaching is about creating independent athletes. Over-coaching creates a dependent athlete who relies on the coach for decision making and problem solving which is performance suicide".
  • A Career as a Health Coach
    Whether you are starting out in the profession after receiving certification or growing your current health and wellness career, working as a health and wellness coach for a top football team can be rewarding and life-changing. This article offers some advice on having a long and successful career as a health and wellness coach of a leading football team.
  • The Art of Running Downhill
    Dr. Matt Long spends time with two-time 'national' winner Eamonn Martin in examining how to run downhill efficiently in races. Downhill running over the country needs to be taken just as seriously as uphill drags according to national cross-country team manager Eamonn Martin.
  • Training is athlete specific
    None of us one will ever forget that magical three quarters of an hour on the evening of Saturday 4th August 2012, when Jess Ennis delivered the proverbial grandstand finish in the final event of the heptathlon, Greg Rutherford equalled the feat of Lynn Davies and of course Mo Farah prevailed over 25 nail biting laps of the Stratford stadium. What was the role of Dr. Barry Fudge in supporting double Olympic champion Mo Farah?
  • Focus on the Process
    Dr. Matt Long provides an overview of a presentation delivered by Dave Sunderland on the subject of athlete preparation. The veteran of every major championship was keen to elaborate on what he referred to as: When, What and Why's of training and had much to say about the methods behind the greatest rivalry in British athletics history - namely that of Seb Coe and Steve Ovett.
  • Five lasting effects of the 2012 Olympics
    Mohammed Hamid provides an analysis of the impact the London 2012 Olympic Games had on the environment, economy, transport, culture and sport.
  • Train your two-lap tools
    Dr Matt Long and Geoff James present a model for 800m success. This article provides an original five-component model which includes mental characteristics and separates physical components into (a) power, strength, co-ordination and (b) utilisation of energy systems.
  • The Giants of 800m
    Dr Matt Long and Geoff James apply their model of two-lap track success, in their article "Train your two-lap tools", to the all-time male and female 800m greats.
  • The Supervisory Behavioural Continuum - An applied approach to develop leadership in athletes
    Most athletes are habituated to participating in a process where the coach assumes the dominant role of leader. Athletes must also be given ownership and encouraged to assume an authoritative role in the decision-making process. The Supervisory Behavioural Continuum (SBC) has been proven to play a vital role in the decision-making process. SBC is the continuum adapted for use in the educational process of developing leadership in coaches and athletes.
  • Frank Horwill's 5-Tier System
    Dr. Matt Long argues that in order for British middle distance and endurance running to move forwards, much can be learnt by looking back at some older established ideas and evaluating them in the context of coaching today.
  • Multi-Tier System
    Dr. Matt Long assesses the legacy and the future challenges of Horwill's five tier training system.
  • Cyber Coaching
    Dr. Matt Long and Dr. Ross Lorimer look at the importance of communication to coaches and athletes and how technology is changing the ways in which we interact with each other.
  • How to become a Personal Trainer
    By becoming a Certified Personal Trainer you can get paid to help others get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, there is a lot more that goes into the profession then just what you see in the gym.
  • Setting up a budget Home Gym
    If you want to be sure you can get a good workout in every day, setting up a gym right in your own home is a perfect solution, especially if you have a work schedule that varies or if you are too busy to find time to head to the gym and get all of your other daily chores done as well.
  • Ensuring that your Personal Training session is correctly insured
    Despite your best efforts to ensure that your clients can train in the right environment, accidents can happen and when they do occur, the implications for your business could be severe, particularly if it could be argued that your client has suffered an injury due to incorrect advice or defective equipment.
  • Personal Trainer Salary
    Libby Remi provides advice to help you better understand and improve your salary as a personal trainer.
  • Leap of Faith - Long Jump
    Jamie French and Dr Matt Long break down the phases of the long jump into bite size chunks.
  • Eating Disorders in Female Athletes
    Many people are not aware of eating disorders or how they may affect one's health. Most of the population is not informed about common eating disorders and how accepted they are among female athletes.
  • Disabled people in sports
    Disabled people can take part in the disabled equivalent of many sports, such as, basketball, swimming, athletics, or football, ranging from international to entry level competitions. Most disabled people are advised to take part in sport as it will raise their self-confidence, improve their abilities, and enable them to interact with others who are in a similar situation as theirs.
  • Chasing Barriers - Steeplechase
    Dr Matt Long spends time with Olympian and former UK national cross-country champion, Spencer Duval, discussing the specifics of the steeplechase event. Spencer, who boasts a best of 11th in a World Cross Country Championships to add to his 1995 win in 'The UK National Cross-Country Championships', says there are three fundamental components to the 3000m steeplechase – Endurance, Technical and Tactical.
  • Can "Withitness Skills" be applied to coaching and personal training?
    Through the acquisition of observational "withit" skills, the facilitator will become better able to detect and correct technique faults that may compromise performance and/or result in athlete injury.

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