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The Health Benefits of Running

Emily Carter provides an overview of some of the health benefits of running - besides losing weight.

So, you want to begin running to achieve your body goal - No worries! Running is an excellent way to lose that annoying extra fat. But, do you also know running comes with many benefits other than losing weight? You can start by running on a treadmill to keep your body conditioned. In short, by running, you will not only accomplish your fitness goals, but you can also reap the other benefits of running.

Running Tips for Beginners

Here are some of the standard running tips and tricks for newbies:

Start Slowly

As a beginner in running, you should not rush things. Begin by doing brisk walking for up to 30 minutes every day. Maintain the routine for six weeks, and after doing so, you can start jogging. When you think that you can advance to the next level, start working your way up to running. The warm-up is a crucial part of the training to help you avoid any injuries. Ensure you warm up with dynamic stretches before your sessions and cool down with static stretches at the end of the session. A lot of newbies forget these stages. You need to make sure that you warm your blood up and get your body ready for physical activity.

Consume A Healthy Diet

As a newbie, your body is still adapting to the activities. Thus, you do not need to shock your body by introducing sports drinks and supplements because you will not be running hard.

So, unless your physician advises you to take them, you need to stick with your healthy diet. Also, you need to introduce more water to rehydrate.


Overtraining can lead to severe injuries. So, it would help if you rested at least two days each week before resuming with running. The rest periods allow the body to recover and adapt to the training.

Benefits of Running

Here are some of the advantages of running:

It Keeps Your Body Healthy

Running will help you enhance general health. Many studies prove that individuals who run religiously are less likely to develop severe illnesses like cancer. Health professionals believe that running one hour each day can help decrease the risk of heart problems. So, running helps keep doctors away.

Running Saves Money

You do not need to pay for your monthly gym membership fee consistently when it comes to running. Also, you do not need to purchase pricey equipment and machines to maintain your health and fitness.

All you need is the right shoes, attire, and water to hit the trail for running.

It Helps You Bring Back Your Sexy Body

When was the last time you felt confident because you were sexy? Running is one of the most efficient fat-burning activities known to man. When you start running, you can fit with your sexy dresses and jeans that you have been hiding in your closet for years. What is even better is that running will not only help you have that sexy body, but it will help you bring back your sexiness. Having a healthy and fit body will increase your self-confidence.

Running Helps You Have That Healthy Glow

Such physical activity will help you sweat a lot. When you sweat more during running, you will improve your natural oils.

In turn, your skin will have that healthy and fresh glow. It is an excellent way to rejuvenate your natural beauty.

It Boosts Your Energy

Have you been weak lately, no matter how long your rest is every single day? It would help if you considered running every morning, and you will be surprised by how energetic you will become all day long.

Running Helps You Achieve a Quality Sleep

Running will not only help you gain more energy, but it will also help you sleep well. So, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, you do not need to take sleeping pills. All you have to do is to begin running.

Running Keeps Your Stress Away

Running will help you boost the production of your serotonin. It enables you to drive away stress as you calm your brain.


Are you frequently running? Then, you will not have the difficulties of losing weight and maintaining a fit and healthy body. With all the benefits indicated above, they make running appealing and efficient for beginners. So, are you ready to start running now? Follow the beginner tips and know the running benefits suggested above.

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About the Author

Emily Carter is an American competitive athlete who always tries to push herself to the limit. She is also the founder of GoAheadRunner, where her associate's blog contains articles to provide everything a runner needs, whether you are a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner.

As a certified holistic life coach, Emily has three years of experience as a power running instructor and holds a degree in sports science. She loves bringing what she knows and learns to the community and hopes to help everyone along the road to happiness.