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Literature Review - Coaching

Each reference comprises the literature's "Title", "Author" and the "Journal" in which the paper appeared. The "Title" is a link to the article in which the literature is reviewed. The "[x]" at the end of the reference indicates the literature's reference number within that article.

  Paper 'Helping athletes with their lifestyle - the experience' [16]
  Author Walker W
  Journal FHS (GBR), April 2004, 24-25

  Paper 'Pre-cooling for Performance in the Tropics' [7]
  Author Brearley M B & Finn J P
  Journal Sportscience Perspectives: Training and Performance, Dec 2003

  Paper 'Monitoring training load' [6]
  Author Coutts, Aaron, et al
  Journal Sports Coach (Aus), 27(1), (2004), 12-14

  Paper 'Goal setting for coaches and athletes' [4]
  Author Denison, Jim
  Journal The Coach (GBR), 22, (May-Jun 2004), 47-50

  Paper 'The coaching profession - how much is too much?' [2]
  Author Flanagan, Judy
  Journal Sports Coach (AUS), Vol.26, No. 3 2003, pp 23-24

  Paper 'LTAD: 10 steps on the road to success' [1]
  Author Gordon, Richard
  Journal Swimming (GBR), October 2003, pp. 26-27

  Paper 'Advanced strategies for bringing your performance to a peak at just the right time' [2]
  Author MARSHALL, James
  Journal Peak Performance, (June 2004), 1-5

  Paper 'Position related analysis of the appearance of and relationship between post-match physical and mental fatigue in university rugby football players' [14]
  Author Mashiko T et al
  Journal Br J Sports Med 38, (2004), 617-621

  Paper 'The distribution of rest periods affects performance and adaptations of energy metabolism induced by high-intensity training in human muscle' [11]
  Author Parra et al
  Journal Acta Physiologica Scandinavica, 169 (2), 2000, 157-165

  Paper 'Competitive Performance of Elite Track-and-Field Athletes: Variability and Smallest Worthwhile Enhancements' [1]
  Author Hopkins WG
  Journal Sportscience 9, 17-20, 2005

  Paper 'Elite athletes experiences of the motivational climate: The coach matters' [19]
  Author Pensgaard A M & Roberts G C
  Journal Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 12 (1), 2002, 54-59

  Paper 'Influence of Ethnic Origin on Predictive Parameters of Performance in Sprint Running in Prepubertal Boys' [10]
  Author Babel K et al
  Journal Int J Sports Med 2005; 26: 798-802

  Paper 'Multidisciplinary Sport Science Teams in Elite Sport: Comprehensive Servicing or Conflict and Confusion?' [15]
  Author Reid C et al
  Journal The Sport Psychologist 18(2) (2004), 204-217

  Paper 'A Framework for Understanding the Training Process Leading to Elite Performance' [1]
  Author Smith, DJ
  Journal Sports Medicine, 33(15), (2003), 1103-1126(24)

  Paper 'Specificity of Sprint and Agility Training Methods' [15]
  Author Young, WB et al
  Journal The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 15, 3 (2001) 315-319

  Paper 'Coaching in Northern Canadian Communities: Reflections of Elite Coaches' [1]
  Author G Authier AP et al
  Journal Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2005) 4, 113 - 123

  Paper 'Sports Participation during Adolescence: A Shift from Environmental to Genetic Factors' [3]
  Author Stubbe J H
  Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 37(4), 563-570, April 2005

  Paper 'Reductions in pre-season training loads reduce training injury rates in rugby league players' [5]
  Author Bgabbett, TJ
  Journal J Sports Med 2004, 38, 743-749

  Paper 'Are there Limits to Running World Records?' [1]
  Author Nevill AM et al
  Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 37(10):1785-1788, October 2005

  Paper 'Effects of a Motivational Climate Intervention for Coaches on Young Athletes' Sport Performance Anxiety' [1]
  Author Smith RE et al
  Journal JSEP, 29(1), February 2007

  Paper 'A Preliminary Investigation of the Relationship Between Athletes' Self-Talk and Coaches' [1]
  Author Zourbanos N et al
  Journal Behaviour and Statements, International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 2 (1), March 2007, 57-66

  Paper 'Training Characteristics of Qualifiers for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials' [12]
  Author Karp J
  Journal IJSPP, 2(1), March 2007

  Paper 'Factors that Influence Coaches' Use of Sound Coaching Practices' [10]
  Author Rodgers W et al
  Journal International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, Volume 2, Number 2, June 2007

  Paper 'In-Season Training Program for the Collegiate Thrower - Developing Speed Strength' [12]
  Author Judge LW
  Journal Strength and Conditioning Journal, Vol. 29, No. 5, pp. 42-54