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Training Articles - Ergogenic Aids

  • Boosting Testosterone
    Paul Jenkins considers the pros and cons of increasing your levels of Testosterone.
  • Testogen Review
    Testosterone supplements are gaining popularity in and out of the health and fitness world. Catherine Grant provides a review of the testosterone supplement, Testogen.
  • Health Benefits of Marijuana
    David wicks reviews a few researched applications of marijuana for medical benefits.
  • Naltrexone
    Martin Robertson explains how Naltrexone is used for drug withdrawal.
  • Activities That Teach You to Excel Under Stress
    So much of our performance in all areas of life is reflective of our mental state, feelings, and the current issues we are facing. For any athlete, the right mindset before a game could be the difference between winning and losing.
  • Should Athletes Take CBD?
    Many current and former athletes endorse the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil. It is a natural chemical extracted from the marijuana plant. It has many health benefits, but the studies to claim these benefits are minimal. However, some studies show that it can help in treating conditions associated with athletic competition such as inflammation, muscle soreness, and joint pain.
  • Natural Testosterone Boosting Foods
    Despite being a natural occurrence, it can be alarming to some men when their testosterone starts to decline. And if the man is still in his 20s, low testosterone could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. The good news, however, is that there are some ways to boost testosterone once it starts to decline naturally.
  • Biohack your way to the future
    For years, we humans have been looking for ways to "hack" our bodies; reaping the medical benefits of our new-found insider knowledge. For some, it is a pursuit of self-improvement: optimising and enhancing performance in every single way. Others prefer to use chips and trackers to monitor their bodies; tracking levels of chemicals or proteins within their bodies.
  • Medical Marijuana
    People today have realized that surgery and allopathic medicines do not always cure a disease, and is the reason why they are resorting to alternative or natural cure. Today, medical marijuana has taken the world by storm. What seemed to be a taboo a decade back is gradually gaining more acceptance level. In some parts of the world medical marijuana is legal, so perhaps the pertinent question here is – what caused this shift in people?
  • Astaxanthin - The Secret For Aging Skincare
    It is no secret that every woman would like to stay forever young. In the modern world, we can observe more and more celebrities who look almost two times more youthful than their biological age is. Many scientists are sure that the answer is simple – astaxanthin.
  • Adopt CBD oil to relax
    With the changing understanding of the population about the CBD and cannabis light, we have seen some of the best websites and companies offering to buy legal CBD cannabis.
  • Should You Take CBD Oil to Cope with Political News?
    Many feel that tuning out political news is not an option. It is essential to stay informed so that we can act when we need to. If you are stressing out about political news but do not want to step away from it, consider taking CBD oil to help you cope.
  • Better Muscle Growth
    It is important to increase your protein intake to gain lean muscle, but at the same time, you need to understand the role protein synthesis plays in muscle growth. Your body stores protein through the process called protein synthesis, and more protein it can store, the higher the chances of you gaining muscle.
  • Compression Clothing
    There is scientific evidence that compression gear can help athletes perform better, but the runners themselves are the ones who give the final ruling. So, is compression clothing helping athletes run faster and in which ways?
  • Vitamin Patches and Supplements - Do They Work?
    For your bodily functions to work properly, your body needs at least 13 vitamins daily, but let us face it, a perfect, nutrient-packed diet is hard to attain.
  • Best Sports Watches
    A review of several sports watches that have smart functions.
  • 7 Benefits of CBD
    CBD is legal for athletes, at least starting from 2019 when the World Anti Doping Agency removed CBD from their list of prohibited substances. Since then, other sports agencies have followed suit, those who have not, are warming up to the idea.
  • Buying a Football Helmet
    Football is accompanied by tremendous danger, especially to children, as they are still learning to become professional players someday. Fractures and head injuries are the common dangers that trigger the fear of parents. But what you can do is to look for a durable helmet that can protect them from injuries since you cannot stop your children from attaining their dreams.
  • The Best CBD Topical Creams
    The uses and benefits of the best CBD topical creams for athletes.
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    It is an effective method for restoring testosterone balance. However, as with any recovery process or medication, there are a few pointers that you need to be aware of beforehand.
  • CPD Oils
    Certain chemical compounds that form in creating painkillers are toxic or even lethal to the consumer. For this reason, several athletes look for a better alternative when it comes to countering muscle pain and aches.
  • Chiropractic Therapy
    Most of the users of chiropractic care think of it as a curative treatment option, but in reality, it is more than that. You get several benefits, so it is quite essential to schedule your appointments regularly and never miss a single therapy session. What are the benefits?
  • Athletic Life
    Athletic life is much more than we see on the screens of our TVs. Not only do they have to perform exemplary in the field or courts but also personal life because both parts of their life are interlinked with each other.
  • Sports Superstitions and Rituals
    Here are a few of the most bizarre sports superstitions and rituals from around the world.
  • Cure your Insomnia
    If you are someone who is having several problems in having a good night's rest, then you can use a calming weighted blanket.
  • Caffeine and Athletic Performance
    The benefits of caffeine on sports performance are undeniable, these benefits are only reaped when caffeine is taken strategically. When taken in the right amounts at the right times, using a method appropriate for the athlete's body, caffeine can significantly boost the athlete's performance.
  • Is Creatine Safe?
    In this ingredient spotlight, we are going to examine all of the benefits associated with creatine supplementation, all of the side effects, and we will help you to decide for yourself whether creatine monohydrate is a supplement that you should be using.
  • Science Behind Cryotherapy
    An essential guide to the physiological effects of cryotherapy.
  • Where Spirits Meet Sports
    Adding alcohol to your workout routine does more than just make the gym more entertaining. There are a whole host of reasons to exercise with a glass of beer or wine in hand. Alcohol can help to enhance your workout on every angle, from improving your performance to providing motivation.
  • Reusable Water Bottles
    Choosing the perfect sports water bottle is no easy task. Especially when there are so many on the market. First, think about what you will be using the bottle for. If you are a keen hiker, a water bottle that can be clipped to a carabiner is super handy and if you want a bottle for the gym you might want a sports cap. While cyclists will want to think about the size of their bike cage.
  • Performance Supplements
    Some of the supplements you should consider as a sports athlete, which may help you improve your performance in your sport
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
    Why CBD should not be frowned upon by athletes.
  • Working out with CBD
    Several studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Benefits of CBD Flowers
    Many athletes use this substance in many different forms, as it can boost both their performance while also helping them recover after a heavy workout. So what are the benefits?
  • Impact of HGH
    HGH, or human growth hormone, is an anabolic hormone naturally occurring in the body. What is the impact if you inject exogenous HGH?
  • Anavar (Oxandrolone)
    John Mcdonald provides an overview of the side effects of Anavar (Oxandrolone) in athletes.
  • Get a great night's sleep
    Nurse Susan provides an overview of 10 tools that will help you get a great night's sleep.
  • Choosing the Right Protein Powder
    Tayyab provides advice on choosing the right protein powder for your diet and how to determine quality.
  • Mental Benefits of Exercise
    Sally Perkins looks at the many mental benefits of exercising.
  • Impact of Gambling on Sport
    Oliver Jones reports on the impact of gambling on sport and players.
  • The On-Off Relationship Sport has with Gambling
    Paul Aitken looks at the relationship between sport and gambling.
  • Gambling and Sports
    Edward Jones considers if gambling and sports are two things that humankind simply cannot do without.
  • Sleep Posture
    Silvia Watson looks at the importance of sleep posture and whether you should buy a hard mattress or a soft mattress.
  • Do you need a new Mattress?
    Bill Williams identifies the five signs that may mean you need a new mattress.
  • The Importance of Sleep for Fitness
    Amelia Johnson explains why it is important to prioritize sleep if you are going to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Impact of Sleep Deprivation
    Mandy Bular provides an overview of some of the side effects to your health if you are not sleeping well at night.
  • Fulvic Acid & Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome
    Mr Tayyab provides an overview of Fulvic Acid and its benefits for your health.
  • Sports Playing Surfaces: A History
    Jake Watkins provides an overview of the types of playing surfaces which have been used in sports history.
  • 5 Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally
    Sean Ward provides an overview of the top 5 testosterone boosters that you could try.
  • 6 Vitamins and Minerals all Men should be taking
    Sean Ward provides an overview of the six key minerals and vitamins that all men should be taking.
  • Herbal remedies to manage asthma
    James Martin provides advice on the use of herbal remedies to manage asthma.
  • Could Kale Preserve Your Eyesight in Later Life?
    Roxanne Bracknell examines the fresh evidence from Harvard University which suggests that eating more leafy greens containing lutein could help us stave off age-related macular degeneration.
  • Natural First Aid Kit
    Mitchell Anderson provides some tips that will help you to assemble a natural first aid kit.
  • Five Great Online Fitness Tools
    If you are like many people then your New Year's resolutions may be starting to go by the wayside as we move further on into the new year. So those trips to the gym may be happening less and less often and your takeaway consumptions are starting to go up again. So here, to breathe some new life into your fitness regime, are five great online tools to measure your efforts and motivate you to even greater heights.
  • ELISA kits
    Joan Randall looks at some of the benefits of using ELISA kits for clinical tests.
  • Microsoft HealthVault
    Jennifer Owens looks at the benefits associated with the Microsoft HealthVault development.
  • Bet you never knew there were so many ergogenic aids in the Coaches arsenal
    A look at a selection of ergogenic aids that can be used to help you develop your level of fitness
  • Sodium Bicarbonate - Research suggests it may boost performance in short events, but it can have nauseating side effects
    The benefits and side effects of using Sodium Bicarbonate to improve performance

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