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Cure your Insomnia

Silvia Watson explains how a weighted blanket can cure your insomnia.

If you are someone who is having several problems in having a good night's rest, then you can use a calming weighted blanket.

The purpose of using the weighted blanket

The weighted blankets have been created in a very special manner in which certain amounts of weight are applied to an individual's body. The weight is useful in helping to discharge a lot of vital and essential hormones which promote sleep like serotonin or endorphin.

Such hormones would allow the body to unwind more readily and would help in relieving people of their tension and help them fall asleep. Endorphin would allow the body to lose its nervousness while soothing its mind. Serotonin will help in reducing dejection and obsessive-compulsive behaviours in individuals. Serotonin converts into melatonin which would help people fall asleep quickly.

Weighted blankets are quite useful in helping a lot of individuals who are suffering from different types of injuries or mental disorders and let them sleep in a better way. These blankets will calm their body and get rid of their agitations. People suffering from hypertension, injuries, and mental issues will find them quite helpful. This is why calming blankets or weighted blankets are important.


Some of the significant advantages of using a weighted blanket are as follows:

  • Weighted blankets will help an autistic child in falling asleep quickly to get a good night's rest.
  • These blankets would help in reducing the anxiety of a person, lower their stress levels and reduce the depression they are suffering from.
  • These blankets would help to reduce agitation in mature persons.
  • These blankets would help in improving the focus of a person and develop his attention and also increase it.
  • Weighted blankets will help in improving the total body awareness in an individual.
  • These blankets would help to decrease a lot of behaviours that incite sensory excitement.

It would be best if you used such weighted blankets after taking strict supervision from experienced licensed professional sleep therapists and healthcare experts to follow their guidance. If you want to understand in detail how weighted calming blankets will work, it is vital to understand the scientific process behind it, and you can click here to read more about it.


It will be often seen that a lot of people tend to ignore the fact that sleeping to be a crucial aspect of their health. Sleep is essential as it helps the human body to feel relaxed and quickly rejuvenate itself at the end of the day. Hence, as a result of these people who are unable to sleep correctly would have specific problems with themselves as their bodies do not have the proper recovery daily.

There are certain people also suffering from disabilities or mental disorders who may have problems while they sleep. Weighted blankets will help in reducing this problem.

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About the Author

Silvia Watson is a freelance content writer. She has written many excellent and informative articles on different categories. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently associated as a blogger with multiple blogs.

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