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Training Articles - Nutrition

  • How iron intake can improve your workouts
    Christopher Worthington considers the impact of iron supplements on you and your workouts.
  • 6 Ways of Overindulging Yourself
    Clara John looks at the some of the reasons why we overeat and how to avoid it for a healthier life.
  • Reasons for Craving Unhealthy Food
    Clara John explains the varies reasons as to why we are attracted to unhealthy food items.
  • Debunking Three Common Nutrition Myths
    We are greeted with nutrition messages through a variety of media sources and while some newspapers, magazines and online sources can be counted on to provide evidence-based advice, this is not always the case. As a result there is a lot of dubious advice in relation to what we should be eating in circulation, much of which has become ingrained beliefs.
  • A Nutritious Diet for Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes
    A vegetarian diet requires careful monitoring of protein, vitamin B12 and iron levels, which can all be found in non-animal sources of food, but which can sometimes take a bit of forward planning, as many are not so readily available as their meaty counterparts.
  • The Truth About High Protein Diets and Kidney Damage
    A case for increased protein intake not only being harmless, but potentially even having a protective effect.
  • Artificial Sweeteners
    Do sweeteners have the ability to prevent weight loss?
    May the use of artificial sweeteners produce possible side effects?
    What are some of the differences between artificial sweeteners?
  • Basic Nutritional Principles
    Glenn Kearney provides some nutritional advice for developing power athletes. Evidence strongly suggests that the acquisition of muscle protein is a result of the workout stimulus plus the proper nutrition during the workout and more importantly during the 24 hours immediately after the workout.
  • Metabolic Myths and Truths that you must know about
    If you are looking to experience a maximum rate of fat loss, it is going to be important that you come to learn exactly how the fat loss process takes place and what myths surround the rate of which you burn calories on a daily basis.
  • Best Supplements for Melting the Fat
    Ron Fritzke provides advice on three supplements that will help reduce your fat.
  • Taking a Peek Into Super Fruits
    As you go about improving your nutrition and trying to take in healthier foods each and every day, one category of foods not to leave out are the super fruits. Fruits such as Acai, Goji, Maqui, and Mangosteen all offer tremendous benefits to your health and will help you feel absolutely great.
  • Sarcopenia (loss of muscle), the undiagnosed epidemic
    One of the greatest threats to an aging adult's ability to stay healthy and functional is the steady loss of lean body mass - muscle and bone in particular. The loss of strength, mobility, and functionality is not an inevitable part of aging. This is what you need to do...
  • What your athletes should be eating
    Athletes - how to determine your daily nutritional requirements

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