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What Healthy Food Can You Cook In A Ninja Foodi?

Max Wolff provides some advice on the healthy foods you can prepare in a Ninja Foodi.

Every year, we are introduced to advanced kitchen appliances that are designed to enhance the cooking experience. Plus, they are made in a way that lets you make finger-licking meals while keeping the meals healthy. Air fryers are among the kitchen appliances that let you prepare crispy foods without the need for excessive use of oil. The Ninja Foodi is one of the top-rated air fryers out there.

What is Ninja Foodi?

As we have stated, this is an air fryer that has some fantastic features to help you cook finger-licking and healthy meals. But, it also acts as a pressure cooker. So, you will have a pressure cooker and an air fryer combined in one unit when you purchase the Ninja Foodi.

If you thought that is all about the Ninja Foodi, you would be shocked to know that you can still use it as a slow cooker, dehydrator, steamer, or oven. Given that the Ninja Foodi has multiple features and functions combined into one unit, you can use it to prepare just about any meal.

In this article, we will be exploring some of the healthy foods you can prepare in a Ninja Foodi.

What Meals Can You Prepare in the Ninja Foodi?

Start the Day with a Breakfast Omelet

Why have ordinary meals when starting your day when you can prepare a delicious breakfast with the Ninja Foodi? Plus, you do not have to skip breakfast because you do not have time for that. Ninja Foodi can help you prepare a super-healthy breakfast in the shortest time.

You can have fluffy eggs, and some cheese, along with savory meat for breakfast with this cooker. The best part is that there are cooking modes onboard to help you prepare the perfect breakfast.

French Fries

Before you brush off the idea of having French fries, you should know that Ninja Foodi is also an air fryer. If you did not know, air fryers are among the best units that prepare fried food with little to no oil. So, you can prepare some French fries on this Ninja Foodi to enjoy finger-licking meals.

As long as you have some medium russet potatoes, you will not even need the usual vegetable oil or cooking oil that can lead to high cholesterol intake. Here, just a few drops of olive oil would do. Do not forget to sprinkle some salt in there.

When cooking fries with Ninja Foodi, you will have to flip them every 7 minutes for perfect results.

Try out an Air-Fred Salmon

Have you eaten an air-fried salmon before? If you have not, you need to give it a shot with this air fryer. Pulling it off is a breeze with this unit. The Ninja Foodi will assure you of crispy salmon that is tender and juicy inside.

Here, you will only need a few seasonings like salt, pepper, paprika, and fresh lemon wedges. With that, your air-fried salmon will be one of the most delicious that you would have tasted out there.

Roast Chicken

Why would you prepare French fries without having a roasted chicken to accompany it? Ninja Foodi can also prepare rotisserie-style chicken to eat with the fries. To pull this off, you will first need to pressure cook the chicken to make it tender and juicy.

After that, you can air fry the chicken to lock in the juices and flavours inside while keeping the outer layer crispy and extra tasty. If there is any other leftover juice, you can turn it into gravy through the sauté function on the cooker. Everything will be done in one cooker, and you would be done in less than an hour.

If you need more ideas about preparing delicious meals with this appliance, you can enjoy the best Ninja Foodi cookbooks out there that have hundreds of recipes. Remember that if you prepare the meals with the wrong approach, you will get undesired results.

Ninja Foodi Rice

Preparing plain and ordinary rice is a thing of the past when you have this cooker. Your rice cooker would also not do you any justice at this point. Loaded with the Ninja Foodi cookbook, you can make perfect white or brown rice in the shortest time possible.

Here, you can use the pressure cooking function to enhance the results while reducing the cooking time. The best part is that you will not need to supervise the cooking progress when you have this unit.

Ninja Foodi Spaghetti 

If you are not much into rice and you want to have spaghetti and meatballs, this cooker would be your best friend. Here, you will use both the pressure cooking and air frying functions. The first thing to do is to sauté the meat and onions until they are well-cooked. From there, cook the meat, sauce, and spaghetti together with the pressure cooking function.

To make the meal extra tasty, layer some cheese on top of the cooked spaghetti then air fry. Doing this will allow the cheese to melt and turn lightly golden. Once you eat this meal, you will never want to use your ordinary pots to prepare spaghetti again.

Crispy Buffalo Wings

Are you craving some crispy wings but do not want to use your regular deep fryer or frying wok, the Ninja Foodi will come to your rescue. You can find a Buffalo wings recipe in one of the Ninja Foodi cookbooks. Here, you will be preparing the regular chicken wings but ones that are smothered in a spicy buffalo sauce. This recipe will need four simple ingredients, and it should be ready in less than 30 minutes.

If you want to make the wings extra tender inside, you can start by pressure cooking them first. After that, air fryer them to lock in the juices while making them extra crispy outside.

Even if you are new to Ninja Foodi, multiple recipes are easy to pull off while at it. Ensure that you follow the recipe as guided at all times. Remember to cook each meal with the ideal function for the best results.

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