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Literature Review - Skill Development

Each reference comprises the literature's "Title", "Author" and the "Journal" in which the paper appeared. The "Title" is a link to the article in which the literature is reviewed. The "[x]" at the end of the reference indicates the literature's reference number within that article.

  Paper 'American Collegiate Men's Ice Hockey'
  Author FLIK, K et al
  Journal The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2005, 33, 183-187 [1]

  Paper 'In Professional Road Cyclists, Low Pedalling Cadences Are Less Efficient'
  Author LUCIA, Alejandro et al
  Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 36(6), (June 2004), 1048-1054 [12]

  Paper 'Computer Simulation of the Last Support Phase of the Long Jump'
  Author Chow JW & Hay JG
  Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 37(1):115-123, January 2005 [3]

  Paper 'A Force-Velocity relationship and coordination patterns in over-arm throwing'
  Author Van den Tilaar R and Ettema G
  Journal Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 3, (2004) 211-219 [7]

  Paper 'Scapular Position and Orientation in Throwing Athletes'
  Author Myers JB et al
  Journal Am J Sports Med 2005 33: 263-271 [8]

  Paper 'Old Dogs, New Tricks: Training the Perceptual Skills of Senior Tennis Players'
  Author Caserta RJ
  Journal JSEP, 29(4), August 2007 [1]