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Literature Review - Evaluation

Each reference comprises the literature's "Title", "Author" and the "Journal" in which the paper appeared. The "Title" is a link to the article in which the literature is reviewed. The "[x]" at the end of the reference indicates the literature's reference number within that article.

  Paper 'Testosterone talent test?'
  Journal Sportscience, Online June 2003 [15]

  Paper 'Sport-specific requirements for skill acquisition and competition readiness'
  Author SHEPHERD, John
  Journal Peak Performance, (July 2004), 4-7 [3]

  Paper 'The reliability of 1 and 3RM tests of unilateral strength in trained and untrained men and women'
  Author McCURDY K, et al
  Journal Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 3(3), 190-196, Sep 2004 [3]

  Paper 'Effect of massage of the hamstring muscle group on performance of the sit and reach test'
  Author BARLOW A, et al
  Journal Br J Sports Med 2004 38: 349-351 [10]

  Paper 'Development and evaluation of a pressure threshold inspiratory muscle trainer for use in the context of sports performance'
  Journal Sports Engineering, 3 (3), 2000, 149-159 [3]

  Paper 'The development of a test of reactive agility for netball: a new methodology'
  Author Farrow D, et al
  Journal J Sci Med Sport. 2005 Mar;8(1):52-60 [2]

  Paper 'Monitoring training load'
  Author COUTTS, Aaron, et al
  Journal Sports Coach (Aus), 27(1), (2004), 12-14 [6]

  Paper 'Making sense of testing'
  Author GOLDSMITH Wayne
  Journal Sports Coach (AUS), Vol.26, No. 2 2003, pp 25-28 [6]

  Paper 'Performance Evaluation of Swimmers: Scientific Tools'
  Author SMITH, DJ, et al
  Journal Sports Medicine, 32(9), (Sept 2002), 539-554(16) [7]

  Paper 'Subjective functional assessments and the return to competitive sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction'
  Author SMITH, F.W. et al
  Journal Br J Sports Med 2004 38: 279-284. [6]

  Paper 'Difference in Mechanical and Energy Cost between Highly, Well, and Non-trained Runners'
  Author SLAWINSKI, Jean S and Billat, Veronique L
  Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 36(8) (Aug 2004) 1440-1446 [3]

  Paper 'Youth basketball specific effort test'
  Author WILMOTT, C and Campillo, P
  Journal Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 3, (2004) 261-262 [4]

  Paper 'Strong correlation of maximal squat strength with sprint performance and vertical jump height in elite soccer players'
  Author WISLøFF, U, et al
  Journal Br J Sports Med, 38 (2004), 285-288 [13]

  Paper 'The repeatability and criterion related validity of the 20m multistage fitness test as a predictor of maximal oxygen uptake in active young men'
  Author Cooper S-M, et al
  Journal Br J Sports Med 2005 39: e19 [12]

  Paper 'Enhancing the efficacy of the 20m multistage shuttle run test'
  Author Flouris AD, et al
  Journal Br J Sports Med 2005 39: 166-170 [13]

  Paper 'Comment: genetic test available for sports performance'
  Author Savulescu J and Foddy B
  Journal British Journal of Sports Medicine (2005) 39:472 [2]