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Reasons for Craving Unhealthy Food

Clara John explains the various reasons as to why we are attracted to unhealthy food items.

Just hearing about some food items such as French fries, pizzas, sugary top cupcakes, burgers, cold drinks, chocolates, and ice cream, make us feel hungry. Even though we are aware of the potential harm they can do to our body, we are tempted to take a bite or two at least, however, stopping yourself after having a couple of bites is somehow impossible. It is important to draw a line between what is essential for our body and what should be avoided to have an active, healthy life.

The difference between Hunger and Craving

Food cravings for the above mentioned 'automatically inviting foods' are too provoked, and it is difficult not to get interested in them. Human minds are designed to ask about all the food that looks good to us. The appealing colours and aromas of processed and junk food items make them attractive to us. We know that oily, spicy and sugary foods are not suitable for our health, but they look most appealing to us. We prefer to try unhealthy food rather than to try a new vegetable or grain.

The reason for this craving is hidden somewhere in our childhood when our elders offered us sugary, oily, and most of the time, unhealthy foods. Apart from the love of their kids, parents should consider the food items they put in front of them.

Kids are attracted to colours, and parents must attract them towards healthy food choices such as colourful veggies, fruits, and nuts. Grocery shopping should be based on a plan of the coming week's healthy meals, not just a case of stocking up the shelves in the cupboard. Learn about the nutrients in food and keep an eye on seasonal food items that are needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Laziness, fast and busy life is also a reason for the wrong food choices. Tinned and frozen food items are a quick option for mums to offer to their kids rather than cooking a wholesome meal. The treatments that are using to enhance the shelf life of tinned and frozen foods are the major culprits that may harm your family health in the long run.

Traditionally we are bound to some unhealthy food options. Especially in eastern countries, people tend to eat oily and spicy foods on occasions that are believed to be incomplete without consuming those traditional food items. This particular trend also makes it difficult for health-conscious people to take their hands off of these items when there is no healthy eating option available.


Human bodies are fragile, and we need to make a conscious effort as to what we eat to live a healthy life. Simple fresh, raw and natural foods are the perfect choice for us all to eat. An unhealthy lifestyle impairs our health and fitness and can lead to several health issues.

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Clara John likes to be aware of fitness practice to live an active life. Clara has been zealous about learning & sharing ways to improve fitness using specific exercise equipment to maintain optimal health.