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Six Ways of Overindulging Yourself

Clara John looks at some of the reasons why we overeat and how to avoid it for a healthier life.

There are no two views on the point that we eat food to gain energy for our regular tasks and to maintain our health and fitness throughout our life. Our brain generates certain hormones to make us feel hungry. However, we do not wait to feel hungry, and we usually consume more food than we need. Weighing more is always a result of eating more. If you tend to eat without the need, then you do not have to wonder much why you are gaining weight. It is fun to worry about weight gain while eating something. Though I do not want you to starve, it is vital to review your diet if you are going to shed extra pounds.

The volume of food leads to health hurdles even if the food is healthy because it is the amount of food that makes the situation worse. If you eat without hunger, then this excess food intake is known as overeating. Though the body sends signals to the brain when it feels full, the message takes time to reach the brain and, in the meantime, we continue eating, overstuffing ourselves effectively. Here are some of the reasons why we overeat and how to avoid it for a healthier life.

Eating more at a party

It is common to celebrate any occasion with food. No matter whether it is a get-together, a wedding, a birthday, an engagement, even a funeral, people focus on what to arrange for eating. People mostly eat at these events due to social pressure. There is no health regime in view while hanging out with friends and family (think about the last feast you had with your family). Eating is not bad, and we should enjoy our food, but it is vital to focus on eating right. Seek healthy and low-calorie food to avoid overeating in such situations.

Eating more when we feel alone

It is scientifically proved that people eat more on mood swings. Whenever we feel sad, depressed, alone, we start eating to make our mood better. This emotional eating is so common and can harm us a lot. We usually reason our sadness as permission to eat whatever we like. It is perhaps better to find a hobby to keep you occupied. At least try to stick with healthy food to avoid the impact of overeating.

Eating more when nothing to do

It is similar to feeling alone and is a strong reason to make us eat more. Eating should be the last option if you have nothing else to do. It would be best if you adopted some leisure pursuits such as watching a movie, reading blogs, reading books, painting, playing a musical instrument to shift your focus from food. Taking a nap or walk a mile would be beneficial for both mood and health.

Eating more when not enough time to eat

Eating slowly is what makes you eat less. It makes you feel full and offer an opportunity to enjoy your food as well. No matter how busy you are with work, it would be best if you managed your time to eat well. To speed up the work schedule people eat quickly, which ends up consuming more than the body needs. Also, junk food is our first choice when there is a lack of time. To avoid such situations, you should give your food a priority over your work. Eat in a peaceful environment, and if you chew it properly, then it will help with digestion.

Eating more to finish the plate

Traditionally we are trained to eat all which is on our plate. It seems bad manners to leave any food and why we are supposed to finish it even if we feel full. It is imperative to take less so we can eat it all. We tend to fill the plate we have with food, so taking a smaller plate is a good idea to avoid the situation. Plus, do not ever offer your services to finish a meal from other's plate. Mothers usually become victims of such cases.

Eating more due to weather

Weather plays an integral part in making us eat more. If it is cold then soups, coffee, and nuts are a must to eat. On warm days especially, we try to eat and drink cold items such as juices, ice creams, lemonad,e etc. We tend to eat or drink to keep ourselves warm or cold. It is advisable to stick with cold water to quench your thirst on hot days and think healthy when cold seeking soups rather than hot chocolate drinks.

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Clara John likes to be aware of fitness practice to live an active life. Clara has been enthusiastic about learning and sharing ways to improve fitness using specific exercise equipment to maintain optimal health.