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How to Sustain Fitness while in Quarantine

Mr. Tayyab explains how you can make your body stronger to fight against COVID 19.

Staying healthy and fit has never been more critical in the history of humanity. We are living in trying times where the world is under siege by a global pandemic that has no specific treatment and is highly contagious. Your best bet to survive is to stay fit and healthy and have a robust immune system.

Although athletes are quite good at maintaining their health, those of us that are just trying to keep a healthy work-life balance struggle. The state of lockdown in most regions around the world is making fitness goals even more challenging to achieve. Most countries have shut down gyms, fitness clubs, and parks to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

We cannot change much about the situation that we, as a collective whole are currently going through. However, we can give you some tips to maintain your fitness and health while you are in isolation by embracing peptides.

Peptides have been around for a while and are widely used by professional athletes as a muscle growth supplement. You too can benefit from these various supplements and ensure a healthy, fit and energetic lifestyle despite being isolated indoors. With the use of peptides, you can make your body stronger and improve your immune health to be better equipped in the fight against COVID 19. But first, a few basics to get you started on your journey.

Eating Habits

One of the essential rules of achieving a fit body and a healthy immune system is to fix your eating habits. Having the right meals, in the right proportions and at the right time, is crucial for your body’s daily function. It is even more important when your goal is not only to get fit but also to boost your immunity system's overall abilities.

When it comes to increasing immunity, peptides are known to work wonders. Although athletes and workout aficionados generally use them to aid muscle growth and heal faster after a rigorous workout, peptides do have the ability to strengthen your immune health and enable your body to be able to fight diseases.

With a lockdown in most regions, many individuals have lost control of their usual routines and have started to begin their day later than they typically would. Because of starting their day later, the last meal of the day gets pushed later into the night.

To counteract this senioritis type behaviour, try to start your day as early as possible and take an early breakfast. After a rich and high protein breakfast, work to eat five or six small meals throughout the day at regular intervals. Typically, your last meal should be at least two hours before bedtime and should be the lightest meal of the day. If you are the one making your meals, replacing vegetable oil with extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil is a good option for a healthier alternative. In addition to making this small change, also try snacking on fruits rich in Vitamin C to give your immune system an extra boost.

Detox and Energize Your Body

Our lives in quarantine are nowhere close to being over, and our regular routines are suffering because of it. Living the quarantine life for most people deemed non-essential at this time means there is nothing much to do besides playing video games, binge-watching Netflix, snack all day, and sleep. The result is extreme laziness and lower energy levels due to less blood circulation and higher levels of toxins in your body.

The best way to do away with these effects is to detox your body and pump up your energy levels. How do you do that? First, try to keep away from your couches and beds as much as possible. It is an instinct to unwind after a long day on these lush surfaces; however, in quarantine when there is nothing much to do, this can cause you to lapse and become lazy with your day today. Try to avoid the temptation and look for other alternatives to keep yourself busy. You can take a stroll in your backyard for a while, run around the house with your pet, or start your Spring cleaning.

Another option to reinstate your normal energy levels is to take up a body detox regime, whether that be through teas, smoothies, or healthier food options. You can find numerous detox drinks recipes on the internet via Google or social media. Green tea with lemon juice is an amazing natural body detox drink, and it helps revitalize your energy levels.

Another detox option rests with peptides there is an array of energy-boosting supplements that can give you the energy needed to go about your day. Whichever way you choose to detox, they help to cleanse your blood and reduce your lethargy, thereby keeping you much more energetic and ready to take on the day.

Physical Fitness

In addition to maintaining the right eating habits and keeping your energy levels optimal, you may also be struggling to keep your body moving and maintaining your physical fitness. A physically active routine is a must and peptides can aid with recovery even if you are working out from home. At this point, all fitness clubs, community centres and gyms are a no-go because of COVID-19. However, you can still have a home fitness routine.

If you have a large backyard, lawn, or a rooftop, you can create a home workout that works with you and your environment. There are various home workout videos on YouTube, Pinterest, and Google. If strenuous workouts are not your thing, you can invest in a yoga mat and do an hour of yoga.

If you have gym equipment such as dumbbells or resistance bands, you can include these in your workout routine for more of a challenge. If not, you can also use bodyweight exercises to do your bodybuilding exercises at home. Another option if you have the right equipment could be to use online HIIT videos to get your daily workout in. Adding peptides to your bodybuilding routine will also help facilitate quicker muscle growth and recovery, so you are not discouraged by soreness when you get up the next day.

Daily Rest and Rejuvenation

No matter how great you think your eating habits and workout regimen are, if your sleep cycle is messed up, it can completely throw everything else off. Your body needs to be well-rested so that you can reap the benefits of your efforts.

Medical experts have consistently recommended eight hours of sleep for decades, and even more so, those dealing with the current pandemic and dealing with treating the COVID-19 patients have been this fact.

Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, most of our lifestyles do not allow us to enjoy that much sleep because of stressors from work and home life. However, while we are off from work, it is best to make use of this time and create a sleep routine, so by the time the quarantines are lifted we have a better habit in place.

If you are struggling with sleeping early or are having difficulty with uninterrupted sleep, peptides can help. There are specific peptides dedicated to being used as sleep-inducers for people who have insomnia or have problems with restless sleep.

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