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Fight Gym Frizz

Sally Perkins explains why you should nourish your hair from within.

At the end of every gym session come the same two questions, "Why is my hair always frizzy?" or "Why does my skin get dry after a workout?" After all, you can always wash your hair and lather your skin with a moisturizer. But what most of us do not realize is the importance of hydration and nourishment for our hair and skin.

Research claims that most adults are only taking 68% of the recommended intake of protein and iron, 66% of selenium, 69% of potassium, 80% of magnesium and copper, and 97% of calcium.

Nourishing our hair from within

Research shows that avoiding vital food groups may be trendy but following such diets may lead to poor results. Magnesium contributes to muscle function, electrolyte balance, and cell health while potassium keeps the muscles and nervous system working simultaneously. Copper helps our bodies use energy, while selenium and zinc help keep hair strong and healthy. Thus, all nutrients have their unique role to play in how we nourish our bodies. So, how can we improve our healthy diets and help our skin and hair from the inside out? Check out these ways to get started:

  • Stock up on citrus – load up on citrus fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges. All of which include high amounts of vitamin C, which creates sebum, a natural skin moisturizer.
  • Eat omega-3 fatty acids – Aim to include more healthy omega fats such as salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed. They will help hydrate the scalp, which is essential for healthy, beautiful hair.
  • Choose the right nutrients – High-quality protein has been shown to encourage healthy growth, which whole grains can reduce dandruff and repair damaged ends with zinc.
  • Boost vitamin B – Include vitamin B as it carries oxygen to the hair follicles and scalp. Not only does this strengthen hair but also defends itself against dryness, breakage, and premature greying. Eat plenty of eggs, cheese, and seafood packed with this growth-boosting nutrient.

All minerals work hand-in-hand to boost wellness

The state of your hair reflects your overall health and well-being. As exercise is not all about losing extra pounds and getting fit, but also the best way to improve your health. Thus, healthy-looking hair is a sign of good nutrition and care practices.

When it comes to choosing quality food products for your diet, aim for mega-moisturizing ingredients that are natural botanical oils such as olive, seed, avocado, and zinc. After all, a well-balanced diet will not only boost your healthy appearance but also improve your fitness performance.

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About the Author

Sally Perkins is a professional freelance writer with many years' experience across many different areas. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job and loves the work-life balance it offers her. When not at work, Sally enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with her family, and travelling as much as possible.