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Acupuncture and weight loss

Joel Cordle provides an overview of acupuncture and how it might be used to help you lose weight.

More than 2,500 years ago, people in China believed in the existence of qi, yin, and yang. These concepts governed their medical principles. Qi is the life force or energy of all universe, yin is represented by the earth, and yang is represented by the heavens. They cured the sick by inserting metal needles in the skin above certain parts of the body believing that by doing so, the distribution of yin and yang is altered, making the qi flow throughout the body. This medical practice is called acupuncture.

In the body, there are pathways the qi takes. When obstructed, major organs are affected, making the body sick. So, what does this have to do with weight loss, you ask. Well, acupuncture alters the distribution of yin and yang in these areas to bring a person back to health by normalizing the flow of Qi. For short, by balancing yin and yang, acupuncture promotes physical and mental wellness. Excess weight is believed to be caused by the hindered flow of qi to the hypothalamus – a portion of the brain responsible for the production of hormones. Hormones tell us we are thirsty or hungry. Thus, if the release of hormones is irregular, eating habits are affected, leading to excessive weight gain.

So, why acupuncture?

There are many ways to lose weight nowadays, but only a few of them are safe, natural, and easy. Acupuncture will regulate your hormone production, including the production of endorphins – hormones that make you feel good and make you feel less hungry. Now you will not have to fight that temptation to eat that delicious, mouth-watering ice cream. You will not feel that temptation in the first place because you will crave less.

Another benefit of acupuncture is that it will increase your metabolism and promote good digestion, so your body can absorb all the nutrition you should get from your food. Treatment will involve a painless insertion of needles in the skin. These areas may not seem related to where the effect is intended, but they are. You will then have around 30 minutes to rest - what a substitute for exercising for hours on the treadmill, making you feel even hungrier. A minimum of ten treatments will guarantee effective weight loss.

Target Points

After the treatment, target points on your ear, points that relate to major organs in your body, will be vitalized with beads or magnets for days up to a week.


This point on the ear is also called the “heavenly gate” by the Chinese. One of the common effects of stimulating the shenmen is sedating or calming the patient. Most of the acupuncture practitioners start here.



You probably have guessed it already. Application at this point helps control over-eating.

Small Intestines

Application at this point promotes a healthy spleen. The spleen is responsible for filtering blood, thus makes it pure. It recycles iron and also contributes to an active immune system as it also produces immune cells. Stimulating this point helps healthy digestion and maximum absorption of nutrition.

Hunger Points

After this point receives an application, you will feel less hungry, and you will have control over compulsive eating.

Endocrine Points

Application at these points will help boost your metabolism, which means you will burn calories faster and lose weight. It will improve qi flow to and from your liver.


Acupuncture is safe, painless, and natural. You will not have to worry about any side effects. It is guaranteed to be effective alongside a healthy diet. The best part, you ask? You get to relax.

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