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Fat Burning

Nick Ferrari provides some tips on how to burn fat quickly.

Addressing unsightly pockets of body fat can be a source of stress and anxiety, which only serve to contribute to weight gain. If you have been struggling with addressing body weight and been met with frustrating results, it is your lucky day.

Managing weight and reducing stored fats is what the body is naturally supposed to. It is human disbalance and unhealthy habits that often get in the way of the body's natural capacity to shed unnecessary weight. Then, we add frustration and anxiety to the mix, and the situation is sealed.

But, fear not because, in the following article, we will cover the most critical points from Johns Hopkins for burning fat the fast way.

Eat Healthily

Getting your diet right can be difficult as long as you are listening to fad diet plans and trying to apply other quick solutions to your program for healthy living. The problem is these diet plans are not sustainable and will eventually lead you back to square one. Instead, follow these four important guidelines:

Watch out for Carbs and Sugars

When it comes to losing body-weight carbs are the worst enemy. Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel for the body as they can be easily transformed into energy and then converted back into fat stores if no longer needed. It is not ideal to cut out all carbs immediately because this can lead to piling them back on once you have started to eat carbs again, it is a good idea to begin cutting back to reduce fat gain. Select only healthy sources of carbs and avoid those that are high in sugar like refined grains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and others.

Fibre is Good

This essential dietary element is not only crucial to losing weight and cutting fat but can optimize the digestive process for greater efficiency. Vicious fibres will bind water in the gut allowing for better absorption of vitamins and minerals and lead to a feeling of being fuller for longer. Including just 14g of fibre in the diet can result in a reduction of calories and weight by as much as 10%. So consider including more fibrous fruits and veggies in your diet to bolster your weight loss efforts.

Do not Trim Fats

Many people assume that if you are trying to lose weight, fats should be eliminated from the diet. And this is sometimes true, and you will not want to include saturated fats in your diet. On the other hand, mono and polyunsaturated fats can be beneficial for your weight loss efforts. These fats are good for clearing the circulation from bad cholesterol and can also help to control the appetite. Foods that are high in these unsaturated fats include nuts, seeds, and fatty fish.

Eat Proteins

One of the most important points in your diet for fat loss will be including more protein. Protein is an important dietary element for keeping full and satisfied for longer as well as the development of stronger muscle tissues. A diet high in protein is also important to boost your metabolic rate, which is crucial to burning fat for fuel. This means that including eggs, fish meat and dairy in your plans to lose weight is an essential benefit. It is not necessary to begin chugging a dozen raw eggs like Rocky, but including more meat and eggs in your regular diet can be very beneficial to your weight loss goals.

Perfect Your Exercise

Nothing beats a bit of heart-pounding sweat-producing exercise for melting away body fat and achieving the ideal weight we love. Here are some routines to include in your weight loss plans.


Cardio is one of the best forms of exercise for addressing hard-to-target visceral fat. Be sure to include cardio in your exercise program, especially at the beginning of your campaign to give you a head start for more difficult exercise plans later. Cardio is great because there are so many ways to begin in or out of the gym. Even activities like jazz dancing and martial arts offer plenty of opportunities to practice this healthy routine. 

Hit the weights

Cardio is the best way to begin, but you can begin increasing your capacity to make the pounds melt away by adding some weight training to your program for weight loss. It is a common misconception that once you begin picking up weights that you will bulk out in no time. Do not we all wish! The truth is it takes many months and years of dedicated strength training to begin bulking up, and women will have a much harder time than men. Strength training offers a chance to convert stored fat energy into physical output. Then the body continues to burn fat after the workout as muscles are being built.

HIIT your workout

High-Intensity Interval Training is another important practice for maximizing your weight loss efforts. This method operates around brief periods of intense training, followed by a short recovery period. This has been found ideal for those who have become tired with routines of cardio. HIIT's have been found especially effective at igniting the metabolism and burning away calories in shorter periods.


Finally, never underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Studies from the University of Chicago found that those who get under 4 hours of sleep each night are not able to process carbs as well due to chemical imbalance. Furthermore, they are less likely to resist the impulse to indulge in an especially high-calorie snack or treat. The best choice is to shoot for a full 8 hours of sleep every night, this will surely keep your metabolism on point and your weight loss efforts progressing.

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About the Author

Nick Ferrari has written extensively on diets in his time and has spent a lifetime dieting on and off. He is a big advocate of keto and has extensively researched and used it.