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Keto Diet

Nick Ferrari provides some tips to ensure that you follow a Keto diet correctly.

The low-carb, high-fat keto diet is rapidly gaining popularity. That is because people are consuming high-fat foods that they shunned in the past and are quickly losing weight in the process. When you experience rapid weight loss results, everybody wants to know how you are doing it.

The following are some Keto tips to help to ensure that you eat balanced meals and track your Keto diet correctly so you can lose weight and stay healthy in the process.

Track your carbs

You need to use an app or write down the number of carbs you are eating every day to track them so that you can keep the amounts of carbs you consume to within 5% of your total daily caloric input. That is around 20 to 40 grams worth of net carbs per day for many people. It is easy to go over that number of carbs by eating a piece of fruit or slice of bread. You can use track your macronutrients using a health app. When you are first getting started, you may want to try out a keto meal delivery service.

Eat healthy fats

When you are on a Keto diet, you add more fat to all of your snacks and meals. These should be healthy fats, such as salmon and other fatty fish, coconut oil, avocados, ghee, and grass-fed butter. If you consume nut butter, search for a natural, no-sugar, or low-sugar version. Use the diet food list as a reference. Avoid using highly processed seed and vegetable oils. You could try a Keto meal replacement for daily food.

Reduce your intake of processed foods

If you are just getting started with Keto, keep things simple. In the beginning, as you getting into ketosis, avoid packaged and processed food. That is a good rule to follow on any diet and can provide you with numerous health benefits such as reducing the risk for diabetes and some cancers and improving your heart health, as well as giving you healthier skin and more energy.

Add more produce to your diet

Some people believe that Keto is all about consuming full-fat cheese, meats, eggs, and bacon all day long. Although those foods can be enjoyed as part of your overall Keto meal plan, it is also essential to ad low-carb fruits and non-starchy vegetables to your snacks and meals. Add in plenty of avocados, tomatoes, and leafy greens. For side dishes, eat spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower, and broccoli. Low-carb fruit options can include coconuts, lemons, olives, berries, and avocadoes, but when attempting to get into ketosis, keep a close watch on your portion sizes.

Avoid fried foods

You have probably followed this rule when you were on other weight-loss diets, but on Keto, the reason why you need to do this is due to the carbs that are in the bread. Your vegetable and animal proteins should be grilled, baked, or sauteed in a high-quality oil. Fried chicken is not part of the Keto diet!

Stop having a deprivation mindset

When you follow the Keto diet, there are quite a few foods you will need to give up. However, some of the positives that come with this diet are you can eat fattier foods in larger portions than you had to eliminate when you were following other diets. Ribeye can be ordered at a restaurant. Oil or butter can be added to your vegetables. For breakfast, you can eat bacon, whole eggs, and full-fat cheese. Focus on consuming balanced meals and then stop when you feel full. Enjoy the pleasure that these foods provide to you. You will most likely discover that you stay satisfied for a longer amount of time compared to when you were following a non-fat or low-fat diet.

Get enough fibre

When whole grains are cut out, your diet misses out on lots of natural fibre. This is one reason why it is vital to add plenty of fibre-rich vegetables into your diets that things are kept regular and moving. Add plenty of high-fibre, cruciferous vegetables to your diet. Such as cauliflower and broccoli, in addition to fruits such as avocados. Drink plenty of water so that your digestion continues to move while it is processing all of the fat.

Take vitamins

For years, your Mom has been telling you to do this, but taking a multivitamin every day and adding in other supplements can help to ensure you get all of the essential nutrients that your body needs. Some supplements containing magnesium and potassium can help you get through specific ketosis side effects such as flu-like symptoms, headaches, and fatigue.

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About the Author

Nick Ferrari has written extensively on diets in his time and has spent a lifetime dieting on and off. He is a big advocate of keto and has researched and used it extensively.