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Losing Weight Mistakes

Yayyab provides advice on the mistakes we may make in the process of trying to lose weight.

Running on the treadmill does not necessarily mean that you will get somewhere. All along the path, we come across several lucrative weight loss offers, solutions, techniques, and diet plans that we desperately want to believe. According to conducted research, Americans spend over 60 billion dollars trying to lose weight. 

There have been countless numbers of researches that have been carried out whose primary idea was to figure out the A to Zs of weight loss. Those researches vigorously studied and presented the solutions to every problem one may come across while on a diet or on the journey of losing weight. PaperCheap is where you can have your research paper on weight loss and everything linked with it written.

In the following article, we have compiled a few factors which might be hindering your target weight and you. These factors have a very intense effect on your weight loss graph, so have a look!

Is there is a magic solution to losing weight?

If you think so, you are probably living in denial. Had there been a magical pill that took the pounds off as quickly as blinking your eye then the world would be void of XXL sized clothing racks and seat belt extenders. The bitter truth is, IT IS HARD. It takes a whole lot of your emotional and physical strength, determination, focus, and a lot of patience. It may not come easy on your plate. Over-the-counter herbal teas, miraculous protein powders, x number of days' diet plans, all of these quick solutions come with insanely hazardous repercussions which can even cost you a price that is undoable.

All Carbs are bad carbs

Carbs are the primary source of energy for the body. Low carb diets have gained a lot of popularity over the years, but the results are extremely short-lived. It has been researched and found that low card diets do not have any advantage over the traditional balanced diets rather they come with health issues like osteoporosis, heart diseases, lipid abnormalities, increased risk of cancer, and even sudden deaths. Complex carbohydrates will help you feel fuller for a long time and making you consume lesser calories, foods like cereal which is high in fibre, and brown rice are a few examples.

Low fat or fat-free is not always what it says

This is just a marketing gimmick. These products may mean lesser fat but may not always comprise of lesser calories, as the manufacturers tend to add colossal amounts of sugar in to make it taste the same.

Eating healthy is a dent in your wallet

It might seem that eating healthy makes you spend a lot on the grocery now and then. But it has several aspects and strings attached to it. For example, it is far easier to grab a fast food meal on the go than cutting the veges, steaming them and baking the meat and finally stir-frying them to make it tasty but is it not better than risking your health and paying heavy medical bills.

Skipping meals is advantages

This may sound quite legit but skipping one meal during the day thinking you are consuming lesser calories, may make you eat bigger portions later. Once you skip a meal, your body panics and starts accumulating fat to keep the body working and energetic. While burning fat does not come easier.

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About the Author

Mr. Tayyab is a Freelance Journalist who writes about Nutrition and Minerals to help athletes.