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Healthy USA Breakfasts

James Mason reviews the five healthiest American fast-food breakfasts.

Usually, when you grab a breakfast on the run, it would tend to be a complete diet disaster and fill you up with nothing but empty calories and fats. While no doubt, you would have been able to quell the hunger pangs for some time with muffins and burgers, you would soon see the effect too on your waistline.

Fast food chains all over America, including the biggies, have woken up finally to the health concerns of millions of their customers and have started to offer healthier options that are much easier on your system while continuing to be filling as usual. According to dietary experts, the key to healthy breakfasts lies in finding the right combination of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that are healthy and can keep your hunger at bay. Five of the options for a healthy breakfast are:

Cosi: Spinach Florentine Breakfast Wrap

When a person wakes up in the morning, they would likely have gone without food for around 10-12 hours. The need is for something at breakfast that will keep them satiated to such an extent that they do not feel the urge to binge the rest of the day. The Spinach Florentine Breakfast Wrap scores high on this count as not only does it have high protein content (24g), but also the fibre content (11g) is much higher than ordinarily encountered in such meals. Since the wrap contains eggs, the fat content (21g) is relatively high, so you need to stick to a low-fat meal for the rest of the day, or you could split the wrap with a friend.

Starbucks: Protein Artisan Snack Plate

This meal scores high on this list as it has all the elements of a very satisfying meal - protein, whole grains, fibre, and the goodness of fresh produce. The breakfast comprises tasty stuff like a boiled egg, cheddar cheese, slices of apple, grapes, multigrain muesli bread, and honey peanut butter spread in just the right proportions. It delivers a decent 370 calories from 13g of protein, 35g of carbs, 19g fats, and has a fibre content of 4g. Somewhat high on the fat content, you can reduce it by halving your consumption of the cheese. However, you can always explore McDonald's menu prices for economic alternatives.

Jamba Juice: Berry Topper Ideal Meal

According to one of the nutrition experts who evaluated the breakfast, the Berry Topper Ideal Meal has ideal nutrition content and adequately fulfills an average person's needs. If you look at the ingredient list, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that it is high in Vitamin D and calcium due to the presence of soy milk and yoghurt, thus making it all the better for women who often have a deficiency of these elements. The meal also has lots of vitamin C with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. The bonus is the pumpkin flaxseed granola that delivers healthy fats essential to keep your heart healthy.

Au Bon Pain: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

This breakfast scored high with dieticians due to the oatmeal content. Oatmeal has two types of fibre; one is insoluble helping prevent constipation and the other, soluble which is slowly digested, helping to control the blood sugar level against spikes and dips. Experts also opine that with an oatmeal breakfast you can keep going for longer as compared to other cereals, oatmeal is more filling. McDonald's oatmeal breakfast lost out to Au Bon Pain as its version has more saturated fat and less protein and fibre. Some may complain about the low protein content, but you can make it up with some yoghurt or nuts on the side.

Denny's: Scrambled Egg Whites, Fruit, and Chicken Sausage

This offer serves to prove that to be healthy, you do not need to skip stuff like eggs and sausages. A well-rounded meal has the benefit of not being loaded with sodium. The fibre deficiency can be made up with a wedge of whole-grain toast that adds only around 100 calories.

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About the Author

James Mason is a food critic with an excellent reputation. An excellent cook himself, he is not averse to clicking on McDonalds to tide him over the busy times.