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Why be a Vegan?

Amna Saeed provides some tips to ensure your health stays intact while supporting a vegan lifestyle.

Most people today go vegan for their health, the environment, or animal welfare, but whatever your reasoning, there are several tips and tricks to help you stay on track. These tips help to ensure your health stays intact while supporting this lifestyle choice.

Control your digestion.

Too much gas can happen when you change your diet, especially if you have not consumed enough fibre before. Before switching to a new diet, we should always keep these things in mind. This goes away on its own after a while, but one way to prevent it from happening is to eat foods rich in probiotics like sauerkraut, kimchi, vegan kefir, vegan yoghurt, tempeh, and miso, with your meal. These fermented foods will help keep the good bacteria more abundant than the harmful bacteria in your gut, which will remove excess gas.

Vitamins needed.

As the word necessary suggests, these vitamins are a must. One thing to keep in mind here, although vegans often get enough vitamins and minerals from eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, some supplements will improve your health to be successful with this diet.

Eat a balanced meal.

People are concerned with their digestion or energy level, that is, having an overabundance of one type of food on their plates and not mixing it with a variety of other types of food. Controlling the right proportion of foods takes practice and gets easier over time, but eating with the "golden plate" method in mind can ensure that you are giving your body what it needs. For lunch and dinner, fill half your plate with greens. Then add healthy fats like avocado or nuts and seeds.

Take your time while eating.

When food enters your mouth, this is where digestion begins. Increase ease of digestion and make sure all plant foods break down well, slow down, and chew your food! A good tip for this is to put your fork down every time you take a new bite.

Protein at every meal.

It is a common mistake for many people who go vegan early on: not getting enough protein. Try to make sure you are getting the amino acids you need, and eating protein for every breakfast and lunch will make it easier. It is also essential to utilizing a variety of proteins during the week. For example, eating tofu, beans, and seeds will give you an extra boost in reaching the recommended amount of protein. These are some of the primary sources of protein in a plant-based diet.

Prepare to go out for dinner.

Some of us prefer to be shocked when we go out to eat or on a date, but when you know you are not going to eat at a vegan restaurant, check ahead. You will need to eat more than lettuce and fries.

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Amna Saeed is a freelance journalist.