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Buying a Football Helmet

Daniel Dohman provides a guide to buying a football helmet for your kids.

Youth football develops physical and mental strength among kids. Most parents allow their children to be into this kind of sport as it enhances cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. It also shapes children to become good team players and teaches kids immensely positive skills. However, just like in other sports, risks, and injuries are part of the game.

Football is accompanied by tremendous danger, especially to children, as they are still learning to become professional players someday. Fractures and head injuries are the common dangers that trigger the fear of parents. But what you can do is look for a durable helmet that can protect them from injuries since you cannot stop your children from attaining their dreams.

Guide For Buying A Football Helmet For Your Kids

Wearing a strong helmet is necessary when playing football. It serves as protection from hard hits, which is why it is one of the essential tools used in the field. It also lessens the chances of injury and reduces the parent’s worries when their child is in the game.

But what should you look for when buying a football helmet for your kids? Here is a guide for you:

Consider your child’s age, budget, skill level, and league

  1. Children ages 5-10 years old are just beginners and need basic protection. Youth helmets that have no airliner are usually the ones that are required.
  2. For middle-aged kids, an airliner helmet like the hybrid class youth helmets or the premium youth helmets. These are more expensive youth helmets but can provide more efficient protection. Middle-aged players tend to have more competition and extended game practices.
  3. High school/College prof players are required to wear adult football helmets. They play a more challenging game and to ensure necessary protection, professional adult helmet as they need a more secure defence tool. Football in these ages is faster, stronger, and hitting with higher force is inevitable. Adult helmets are required as they can guard your head against a more severe injury.

Always check a youth helmet that passed NOCSAE

National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment or NOCSAE requires advanced athletic tools to lessen injuries through sturdy equipment.

They demand quality performance standards on football helmets and masks and conduct research when it comes to designs and structures to understand better a gear’s ability to tolerate injuries.

When buying your children’s football helmet, it is always an advantage if it is NOCSAE approved.

Consider a properly fitting football helmet when buying for your kid

Test a helmet by moving side to side and front to back, does it feel stable and comfortable on your head? Know which size of a helmet your kids should have because the properly fitted gear is vital when it comes to comfort and safety.

What is a properly fitting helmet? Here’s what you should know.

  1. A helmet should sit properly on the forehead to give a clear view of the players.
  2. A helmet’s jaw pads and your child’s jaw should not have space.
  3. Your kid’s temple and his helmet padding should not have space.
  4. The helmet should stay in place even when your kid moves his head.
  5. A small-sized helmet can put pressure on the head and shows slight movement on the skin of your eyebrows.

Pick a comfortable helmet and the kind of style your child wants.

You must include your child’s taste in style and what makes them feel comfortable when wearing his football helmet. Your child’s involvement in picking the right kind of helmet for him is essential because it boosts his confidence and improves how he plays. You should also make sure that the helmet fits his head securely.

For a child, comfortable helmets are necessary so as not to ruin his game. However, a heavy helmet for your kid can be a potential hazard.

Check The Reviews And Ratings

People who have used a service or a product often make their assessment of it through online reviews and ratings. The reviews then serve as a guide among fellow consumers when deciding whether to purchase the product or not. In searching for the best youth football helmet, you will come across different reviews and ratings from people who have personally used the gear. Once you have considered your budget and narrowed down your options, you will be able to analyze which helmet to buy with the help of the recommendations you get from the reviews.

Customer experience and the level of satisfaction they got from the product can be your guide if the investment you’re about to make is reliable and worth it. Reviews can give you insights into the quality of the product and the company’s reliability through the eyes of someone who has used or tried the service. When buying a football helmet for your kid, never think twice about searching for reputable reviews online and gathering data about the gear and the company you are spending your money on.


As parents, you need to be aware of what’s the best football helmet for your children since football is considered a full-contact sport. You need to understand that the quality of the product should always come first. Investing in a sturdy helmet will help eliminate the risks of being injured when your child plays.

As much as you want your child to indulge in sports like football, the more your worries grow. By taking extra prevention like buying your child the right protection, you can stay calm as injury rates can be reduced and avoided.

Understanding and following guides when buying youth football helmets will bring you and your child good results. These guides are useful in narrowing down your choices when purchasing sports equipment like helmets. Through these guidelines, you will be able to select efficiently extra protective, durable, and dependable youth football helmets for your children.

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