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Six Reasons to Stay Fit

Mr. James Ponds provides some advice on how to stay motivated to keep fit.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the motivation within yourself to maintain your fitness. However, staying fit is a positive thing to do for a myriad of reasons. Having a certain level of athleticism makes everything in life just a little bit easier. Moving day becomes less of a physical strain, solving random daily issues becomes a little bit simpler because you have more energy from consistent exercise, your body's many systems work at a higher capacity and you feel more confident and happy in whatever you do during your day.

Taking on the world becomes a fun challenge when you are consistently choosing to stay fit. You also get the awesome side effects of looking and feeling your best. With all these benefits in mind, here are some things that can help keep you motivated to stay fit.

Going on an Active Vacation

One way to stay motivated to stay active is to plan an active vacation sometime in the near or distant future that you would truly enjoy. Do some research and find a destination that checks all of your ideal categories that also provides ample opportunity for doing active, difficult things. For example, if you are a tropical-minded person who wants to relax and catch some sun rays until it's time to go on a pre-planned, extraordinary hike on a beautiful island, then look into some epic cruise deals and book yourself a spot on a cruise through the tropics!

If you are more of a fan of winter and snow, try finding a vacation rental up North in a European mountain town. You can hike, ski, and traipse through a beautiful old town while sipping a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Either way, you are sure to find it within yourself to go a little harder on your next workout session when you know how much more fun it will be when you can climb up that island volcano or go backcountry skiing in the snow because of your fitness!

Reaching a Fitness Related Goal

Another way to stay focused is to bring that focus to a specific athletic goal. Do you enjoy running as cardio or as a form of release? Maybe you should consider starting to train for a half marathon. A huge challenge like this can keep you truly focused on being consistent because you will be working towards a specific goal that will bring you great joy to achieve. Maybe you are more into weight lifting and could see yourself staying motivated by trying to achieve a PR on a weighted squat. There are so many great fitness-related goals out there that you can start working actively to achieve which will in turn keep you motivated to stay fit.

Buying More Activewear

This one may be a bit shallow, but it might just work. When you train more, you start getting into the groove of the habit of whatever activity you choose. You also start to see why people spend money on specific gear from specific companies to help make engaging in that activity more comfortable and optimize their performances. You can do this too! Start looking around at what people wear when they run, lift or spin and treat yourself to something nice and high in quality. This will make you excited to throw on your fun new activewear and hit the ground running, walking, cycling, or lifting!

Eating More Food

The more you exercise, the better your metabolism, which means the more you can eat. If anything, let yourself be motivated to stay fit by the fact that you can probably eat way more good food and not be unhealthy.

Avoiding Illness

Exercise makes you feel better physically for a good reason. There have been studies done that prove that people with higher fitness can avoid illnesses with more ease. Stay motivated to work out by focusing on how good it is to optimize your immune system.

Living Longer

It is no guarantee that if you are more fit, you will live a longer life. However, your chances of living longer are not going to go down if you are consistently working on staying fit and healthy. That is a good enough reason in and of itself!

There are so many benefits to staying fit. However, finding the motivation can sometimes be difficult when all you want to do is plop yourself down onto the couch. Hopefully one, some, or all of these reasons will help push you to get your pulse rate raised and your body moving consistently in your favorite way.

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