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2021 NCAA Tournament Rankings

Gil Kristle reviews the top seven basketball rankings in the 2021 NCAA tournament.

The NCAA March Madness is ready to jump off this 2021! As announced last January, this year's March Madness will stage the 2021 men's basketball championship in Indiana. With everyone anticipating March Madness, NCAA also announced the final dates and complete schedules.

Selection Sunday is scheduled for March 14 and with the final four scheduled this April 3 and 5, 2021. The NCAA made sure this will be a historical moment for the members and the state of Indiana. It is partnering with local health providers to ensure a safe environment for all players, staff, and officials. The coronavirus pandemic can never stop this important month from taking place.

With so much excitement and enthusiasm, the teams geared up and battled for the confirmed spots in March Madness. No one knows what's ahead of us. So, teams gave importance to every game as it may create a significant variance in the ranking. To provide you a glimpse of this year's bracket prediction, here are the Top 7 College basketball rankings for the 2021 NCAA tournament.


Gonzaga has dominated the season as they won all their 24 games. The Bulldogs are now the only undefeated team as they held their ground against Kansas, West Virginia, Iowa, and Virginia. This ensures their number one spot in the NCAA ranking.

Gonzaga is known to have a well-balanced team giving them a definite edge over other teams. With four of its double-digit players, it will surely be more challenging for other teams to beat them. Gonzaga is expected to be unbeatable heading into March Madness as they solidify their spot for number one.


The Baylor Bears won 18 games before losing at the hands of the Kansas Jayhawks. Of course, the team responded with two wins against West Virginia and Oklahoma State. This work enables them to ensure and show that they deserve the number two overall rankings for NCAA.

Baylor also showed an impressive game in the conference play. With four players in double digits and six players averaging 7.5 points, the team is ready for a balanced scoring attack.


The Michigan Wolverine is known to have a stronger overall strength in the schedule than Gonzaga and Baylor. Michigan had lost one game against Minnesota last January 16 but responded with impressive wins against Iowa, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. However, the Wolverines fell off again for the second time all season against Illinois.

Again, the team responded with another win against Michigan State. We will look forward to how Michigan will handle larger teams. For now, Michigan can still celebrate a Big Ten regular championship.


Illinois has been playing well, having nine wins over its last ten games, including victories from Wisconsin and one against Iowa. The two tough matchups led them to a strong win against Michigan. To hold on to the position, they need to win against Ohio State.

The Fighting Illini has the chance to power up over the next games with one of the best scorers in the country, Ayo Dosunmu. A junior guard with 21 points per game.


By most advanced metrics, Alabama is one of the best defensive teams in America. Despite their recent stumbles, Alabama still clearly is part of the top seeds. As they dominated the SEC-regular season championship, they now only have Georgia to close the season.

If things go their way, the Alabama Crimson Tide can be a team to fear off in March Madness.


Iowa had the most efficient adjusted offense in the country. Iowa suffered a big loss against Michigan. After the loss, the Hawkeyes then responded with a big win over Ohio State. Yet, they are one of the big teams to look forward to in the upcoming March Madness.

West Virginia

The Mountaineers have reinvented themselves after the departure of forward Oscar Tshiebwe. Although they have lost two of the first three games, the team fought back with four wins in the past five games. This work still made them the top teams out of the Big 12 behind Baylor.

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This year’s March Madness has 67 games, while the majority of the game is set to play in Indianapolis. As the teams prepare for the exciting match, they will practice in Indiana Convention Center. The organization worked hard to reimagine the tournament structure for compliance with the COVID-19 protocols and maintain unique opportunities for college athletes.

As per the NCAA bracket this year, it will be handled differently as the organization adopted a new bracketing principle. Nonetheless, this year’s NCAA March Madness will still be as fantastic as before despite all the challenges brought by the pandemic.

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