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What happens if you forget to remove jewelry during a workout?

Sowmia Rajendran explains what is wrong with wearing jewelry during a training session.

You have probably heard that it is better not to play sports with earrings and other jewelry. But why?

Are you too lazy to take off your earrings before the gym, or do you want to look your best? Is there anything wrong with wearing jewelry during a workout? After all, you have sweated in them before. But here is what many seem to overlook:

Questions about your safety

When playing sports in jewelry, you can injure yourself if, for example, rings or earrings have sharp edges, but choosing smooth products will minimize this risk.
Some metals can also make your skin worse. For example, about 15 percent of people are allergic to nickel, which can cause serious irritation. It is important to choose quality products from trusted brands.

Damage to the jewelry

Less expensive jewelry is made from materials such as nickel, copper, and brass and can corrode when exposed to sweat. In addition to the damaging chemical reactions that occur when you sweat, certain types of exercise can also literally scratch or damage jewelry.

And what about hygiene?

Because germs spread easily in dark and damp environments, we must thoroughly wash and dry our jewelry. Sweat, grease, and other residues can damage gemstones and also lead to bacterial growth in other parts of the body.

Given these features, the jewelry remains an excellent gift for athletes.

Stink so very much loves beautiful jewelry embellishments. The axis of only the athlete needs to pick up special vibrancy, and symbolism, which convey to him a strong character and style. If you do not know what kind of gift your friend or friend has before an important ledge, then choose sports jewelry. Silver pendants and coulombs will become a special talisman for those who go in for sports and help to take first place.


Everyone considers whether to remove their jewelry during training or not. Many professionals believe that these are their talismans and never part with them. In extreme sports such as rock climbing, for example, this is prohibited by the technical committee.

In other sports, acrobatics, football, and basketball, this is not prohibited. If the decoration is smooth and without sharp edges and strong bulges, then it is very difficult to mutilate them. In acrobatics, many Olympic champions perform with small earrings. Do your favourite thing with your jewelry, perhaps they are magical.

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