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Usain Bolt's challengers

John Dana considers the primary challenger for Usain Bolt in the 2017 IAAF World Championships 100 metres.

The 2017 World Championships in Athletics are almost here, and London will be the city where the globes best will compete against each other for a place in history books.

Without a doubt, the Men's 100 meters is the most attractive event, and everybody will be paying attention to what happens in London Olympic Stadium on August 5 when the finals take place. It will be Usain Bolt's last appearance in the event. Can he go out as number one?

But there will be no shortage of challengers for the gold medal. Of course, the prime candidate (other than Bolt) to take the first-place prize is fellow Jamaican speedster Yohan Blake. This young sprinter will be the new face of Caribbean track stars. He is already posted impressive numbers and has his world championship title, the one he won in the 2011 edition of the games.

Officially Blake is the second-fastest man in the world, and he has to be eager to prove that he is better than Bolt while he still has the chance. Another sprinter that we have to watch closely is Canada's Andre De Grasse. The North American speedster is only 22 years old and can boast some impressive achievements. He won three medals in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which no other Canadian sprinter has ever accomplished. De Grasse is the reigning Pan-American champion who won the final with 10.05 seconds.

The name Justin Gatlin is a synonym for speed. The American sprinter is a track legend living his last moments of stardom. The Brooklyn native is 35 years old and still in great shape, but father time is not that merciful, and Gatlin's times will start suffering in the months and years to come. But Justin is still an institution in world-class track events and has to be respected as such. He is very capable of pulling off a surprise result in London, and a lucky better can make some serious money in the process.

Who is your favourite? These are the four favourites to win the 2017 World Championships. Do you think Usain Bolt can say farewell with another stunning exhibition? Or is it time for the new speedsters to shine? We will find out in a matter of days.

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