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Sports in the Lives of Australian Students

Adriana Thompson provides advice on how sports can ease the life of students in Australia.

You cannot deny the fact that doing sports is a crucial part of a child's development. Active games are suitable for physical development and mental health. Participation in sports enables a student to develop various skills, improve their confidence level and enhance their personality.

Education in Australia can be stressful. There are exams to be completed, homework to be done, and essays to be written. Students in Australia need to find ways of letting out the pressure of studying and relaxing their minds. One of the ways they can do that is by having an essay writing service such as Edusson AU  that handles some of their papers. As long as they seek legitimate service providers, they can be guaranteed high-quality papers.

The Importance of sports activities for Australian students

By participating in various sports, Students in Australia can reap various benefits such as:


There is a need for teamwork if students will be successful in their studies. For students in Australia to do well in their studies, they need to collaborate with other students and their teachers. One of the skills that we learn from sports is teamwork. In sports, players are encouraged to work in tandem with their teammates and to sacrifice their gain for the better performance of the team.

Improved self-esteem and self-confidence

When you get that handshake after you have won a game, you are likely to develop self-esteem. When a child gets encouragement from coaches, parents, and friends, they feel accepted. A student who is motivated is likely to perform better in class as compared to another who feels as if everyone is against them.

Time management and discipline

When writing their academic papers, students need to observe time. The excellent use of time and discipline are significant characteristics of any sport. If you are playing a particular sport, you will need to show the commitment to be at the field at a specific time, and this becomes a routine. You also need to be disciplined and patient. Every game has its rules and regulations which must be followed, and this enhances the discipline of the learner.

Improved health

There is a considerable interconnection between sports and health. Exercise leads to stress on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that make them healthy and strong. With exercise, Australian students can burn calories in their bodies and minimize the risk of obesity. The performance of heart muscles and endurance will be improved, increasing efficiency as well as reducing the chances of heart conditions.


Learners can get leadership skills from sports. When you become a captain, you get skills on how to become a good leader. The majority of leaders had at one time, or the other participated in sports while in school.

How Australian students can find time to participate in sports

We have already noted that participating in sports has a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, it may be hard for learners in Australia to get the time to engage in sports activities. With the assignment to be done, finding a study-play balance can prove to be a challenge for the majority of learners. One of the options available for students is to find a writing service to handle their papers for them. On top of that, students can do the following to find time for sports:

Assess priorities

This is not to mean that you should abandon your studies to participate in sports. You will need to remember that you are first a student. However, you can plan your time well to find time for sports. For instance, if you have a paper to write, you can have a professional handle it for you as engage in your favourite sports activity.

Have a system

After the school day ends, there are chances that you go to practice immediately. You continue with the practice until the day is over. You will need to create a system that allows you to have a balance between studying and playing. You can use a calendar or apps to plan your time well. This can go a long way in improving your academic performance.

Rest during weekends

The weekend is a time when we unwind. Since you need to study and play games at the same time, this is the best time to engage in that game or even study.

Draw limits

You do not need to overwhelm yourself by practising or staying up late all night to complete an essay. This will take a toll on you, affecting your productivity in your study and team as you will not be in your best condition. Therefore, you need to understand your limits and avoid exceeding them. The good thing is that today we have writing services that help students to complete their essays. You can take advantage of them.

Most popular sports for Australian students

Certain sports are quite popular with students in Australia.  Here is a summary of the sport's popularity in Australia.


Cricket is one of the most popular games in the country. This is perhaps because of Donald Bradman, a cricketer from Australia who is among the greatest batsman of all time. This is a popular game among students, and this can be seen from the fact that every college has a cricket pitch. The game is popular among the youth in the country. To get time to play cricket, students often seek the help of online writers to complete their papers.


Also commonly referred to as football, soccer is a popular game among learners in AU. Nearly all universities and colleges in the country have facilities to play football. There are also many Aussie soccer players like Harry Kewell, John Aloisi, Tim Cahill, and Mark Viduka who are an inspiration to the youth in the country.


This is also among the Australian activities that are attractive to the youth. This is often explored either as a recreational activity or as a sport in the county. In the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of cycling activities in the country. Cadel Evan's achievement in Tour De France and Anna Meares' success at the London Olympics have led to an increase in the popularity of the game in the country.


This is also among the most popular games in Australia. Whether it is in the children category, adults or kids, Aussies are quite active in swimming from an early age. Nearly 84% of the population in Australia lives around the coast, which runs for over 35000 kilometres. This means that the students who study in the Southern part of Australia are likely to spend a lot of their free time on the beaches. Other than the physical location, the country also has a proud swimming history. There are sportsmen like Dawn Fraser and Ian Thorpe who have won gold in the Olympics. This has gone a long way in inspiring the youth to the activity.


This is one of the sports with the highest team participation in Australia. Studies show that there are over 748,000 kids aged between 6 and 13 who are competing regularly in the activity. With a national competition that has existed for decades and a great organization at the grassroots, there has been a continuous growth of sports. Played in many schools in AU, the game is a favourite for many students due to its quick and free-flowing action.


According to youth researchers, this is one of the most played and watched games in the country, especially in South Australia and Victoria. There are more than 1.5 million people who play the game, and it has continued growing. This has attracted many youths, and it's now a favourite for many of them. If you do not have the time to engage in the sport, you can have a legit essay writing company to handle your papers.


Since 1897, Netball has been a part of Australia's culture. It is popular among girls of all ages. It is estimated that there are over 500,000 kids who actively play the game. The popularity of the game is mostly due to the Australian team that has been dominant in the international scene and has maintained a long and fiery rivalry with the New Zealand team. The netball sport is mostly played by women even though in the recent past, there are boys who are playing it. The game is popular in schools across Australia.

Rugby league

This is among the popular football code that is popular among the people of Australia. It is the 6th most popular sport in Australia among kids. This is because the country has been among the leaders in the Rugby world cup. On top of this, it has strong national competition. Students who want to play the game often seek the help of companies that offer affordable papers.


Sports play is an essential role in the lives of students. Unfortunately, maintaining a study and sports balance is a challenge for the majority of students.  If you are facing this challenge, you can get a custom paper from a writer.

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