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Dubai Adventure Sports

Jack Smith provides advice on the 25 most popular adventure sports in Dubai for a thrilling UAE holiday.

A lot of people from all over the world visit Dubai every year to spend vacations or for work purposes. There are several ways to enjoy Dubai and explore it in a better way. Dubai being a technologically developed piece of land has a lot to offer for all types of tourists. So, if you are a sports lover or an adventure freak, you can enjoy multiple activities in Dubai.

Here is the list of the top 25 famous sports you can enjoy in Dubai. Make sure to rent a car from any rental agency to enjoy these sports.

Desert Safari

Dubai's desert safari is famous because Dubai has a major desert area that has been specifically designed With various rides and facilities, which give a whole tour to the tourists who visit. Camping is done there along with a lot of sports.


One of the most famous rides in Dubai is skydiving. It is a phenomenal experience that everyone should experience. It gives an eagle-eye view of the whole area.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is something that Dubai is famous for. In Dubai, it is either done in the desert or on different road by making unique paths. It’s again a very venturous experience.


Dubai also has a lot of famous beaches. In that respect, boating is quite popular in Dubai. The people who visit Dubai enjoy different sorts of boating rides. The tourists always appreciate these automatic boats which give thrilling rides. Paddleboards are also really famous in Dubai.


In rafting, the objective is to float downstream a River. It is also a famous ride that is recreational and thrilling at the same time.

Car Racing

Car racing is again a famous sport in Dubai. These car racing centers have different sorts of luxurious and ordinary cars that are used in racing. Bets are made in this race.

Shark Diving

Dubai brings a lot of adventurous rides for all the water babies out there. Shark diving is again an underwater ride that is famous in Dubai.

Beach Buggy

A beach buggy is again a different sort of ride that is used to explore the beaches in Dubai. It is specially designed to run on the sand and explore beaches and deserts widely.

Ice Skating and Skiing

Dubai is more of a warm area and doesn't have snow falling there. For that reason, Dubai has made artificial snow falling centers or even ice Centers for skating and skiing.

Desert Surfing

Having more of a desert-covered area, Dubai offers a lot of desert rides. One of the famous desert rides is well-known desert surfing.

Bungee Cord

Bungee cord jumping is again a famous and thrilling ride that comes up with many horrors due to the thrill it brings. It is a joyful ride.

Zipline Ride

Dubai has special high zip line rides that are given from specific views for the customer to enjoy Dubai's best site.

Camel Ride

Dubai is a more deserted area, has many camels, and camel riding is its specialty. Amusement from these camel rides is really important if you visit Dubai.

A Helicopter Ride

To have a better view of Dubai from a higher sight helicopter ride is a unique and luxurious option. It gives a full beautiful view of Dubai from a huge height.

Sea Diving

Deep-sea experience is something famous in Dubai. Due to its attractive beaches, this experience is beautiful in Dubai.

Roller Coaster Rides

Dubai has unique roller coaster rides that are of high level. The unique amusement parks of Dubai are different with thrilling rides.

Water Surfing

Water surfing on the beautiful beaches of Dubai is again really famous. There are guides with different sorts of surfing boards to provide this service.

Hot Air Balloon

The hot air balloon ride is again something famous in Dubai. One feels free and joyful being freely in the sky with a beautiful view of Dubai.

Sand Skiing

Sand skiing is an important part of the desert safari. In this, hiking of dunes is done actually. It is more difficult than mountain hiking, yet it is adventurous.

Water Jetpack Fly Board

Water rides are one of the most famous and thrilling water rides in which water's high pressure gives passage.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a soothing yet adventurous experience that gives a tour of the deep sea. Experts travel with you for this.

Seaplane Ride

High-speed boats are famous rides on the beaches of Dubai. These thrilling rides give a beautiful visit to the beach at high speed.

Fishing in Dubai

Fishing is quite famous in Dubai and many of you might know that Dubai was a small fishing town before the oil discovery. So, you can head towards ABsea or anywhere you want to enjoy a Dubai fishing experience.

Tightrope Walking

Tight rope walking is again really famous in Dubai. It is completely safe yet done from a height to make it more thrilling. One should be a bit expert in balancing to enjoy this ride.

Jetovator Ride

It is one of the most high-level water rides done in beeches but takes you to the heights and gives water flights. It is famous and is enjoyed by the tourists.

Final Thoughts

To enjoy Dubai's complete essence, it is really important to explore every part by going through all the adventures, rides, and sports it provides. All these sports help to explore Dubai in a better way. For a better trip experience, contact any cheap car rental in Dubai and hire a car according to your stay duration. It will allow you the freedom to move and you can move anywhere you want, anytime you want.

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