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Manchester United

David Benson provides the latest news about Manchester United.

When speaking of football, one of the football clubs that cannot be ignored at any cost is Manchester United. Here is a collection of all the latest news and changes about Manchester United that are surely going to impress all the fans of this football club.

Paul Pogba Might Move To Real Madrid

The news about football player Paul Pogba moving to Real Madrid has been roaming around for quite some time. The entire summer was spent hoping that the player would be moving to Bernabeu. However, since a deal could not be made between the stakeholders, therefore Paul did not make the move. Zinedine Zidane also wanted to sign the star player but Paul had other plans in mind.

Real Madrid's president has been planning to approach Paul Pogba for quite some while now. This seems like a perfect time as it has been rumoured that the player may be considering the offer now. Now it is expected that the move may happen as soon as the parties reach a deal.

Jose Mourinho To Manage Arsenal

Other than Pail Pogba's expected move, the other change that is being spoken about at the moment is the fact that Jose Mourinho may be approached to join Arsenal as their manager. Arsene Wenger was the manager in charge for quite some time but since the team's performance during this time was not satisfactory, therefore, now a change in the manager is accepted.

Jose Mourinho is the optimal candidate that the club wishes to approach for the post. However, experts claim that this position is not suitable for Mourinho. Some feel that the job is not aligned with Mourinho's status while others look at it as a much-needed and highly anticipated change that is much needed for the team as well as for Jose as well.

Harry Maguire Forgets The Toss

Harry Maguire is not a new name. He is a popular defender for Manchester United. However, the defender made headlines as he forgot to do the toss while he was captaining Europa League being held at Partizan Belgrade.

The news that the defender had forgotten the toss spread all around like wildfire. He was being criticized and some of the people were also making fun of him at the same time. The defender later took to Twitter and apologized for the blunder. He mentioned that he did the coin toss last time but no one even paid attention. Now that he had forgotten to do the toss by mistake, the entire social media was mocking him for it.

Man Utd To Replace Kane

Harry Kane is undoubtedly a good striker that has been with Manchester United for quite some time. However, his performance is not up to par for the last couple of matches. Therefore, the news of Man Utd to replacing Harry Kane has been circulating now. It is expected that the change will take place around January 2020.

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