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Fun Outdoor Workouts

Joe Fleming provides five fun outdoor workout options for you to try this summer.

The weather is finally warming up, and you are probably itching to get outside. Do not spend your summer caged in at the gym -- you can still meet all your fitness goals without spending hours shut inside a sweaty, windowless box.

Want to take your exercise outdoors but are not sure where to begin? Read about five fun outdoor workout options you can try this summer. These workouts will make it easy to stay in shape and soak up plenty of vitamin D!


You do not need a ton of fancy equipment to get a good workout in. One of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise for people of all ages is to walk more.

Walking is an easy form of cardiovascular exercise that is easy on your joints and helps you burn a decent number of calories without being too intense. Of course, if you search for a more significant calorie burn, you can always take a route with more hills or add some wrist or ankle weights.

You do not have to walk for hours at a time, either. Adding spurts of walking throughout your day can be beneficial and maybe more attainable to people who work desk jobs or feel they are too busy to get out and exercise. Walking your kids to their summer camps, parking farther away from the grocery store, taking a walk break during your lunch hour -- all of this adds up.

Do you struggle with mobility issues that make walking difficult? There is nothing wrong with using some extra assistance if it helps you get up and moving. Consider investing in canes for those who are limited.


Cycling is another fun outdoor workout option that is great for your heart and lungs. It is also easier on the joints than walking for some people, making it a great low-impact exercise for people who struggle with joint pain or limited mobility.

Like walking, cycling can also be easily incorporated into your day-to-day activities. Consider riding your bike to work (assuming you live in an area where it is safe to do so), or cycle to run errands or visit friends. You will be getting in some great exercise, but you will also be helping out the planet by limiting the amount of gas you are using.

If you are new to cycling and are looking to invest in a new bike, be sure to find one adequately fitted to your body. This can help you avoid putting unnecessary stress on your knees or back.

It would be best if you also looked for a bike with a soft seat. It will make it more comfortable, especially if you plan to cycle to work or run errands.


What is better than diving into the cool water on a hot summer day?

Swimming is a fun and refreshing way to exercise during the year's hottest months. It is also another form of exercise that is easy on the joints and improves cardiovascular fitness. The water also provides resistance, which is excellent for strengthening your muscles and minimizing pain.

Do you want to reap the benefits of swimming but do not necessarily want to swim hundreds of laps back and forth? Consider trying an aquatic fitness class instead. There are many water aerobics classes out there that are great for people who want to enjoy low-impact exercise and enjoy the communal feel of group fitness classes.

Rowing or Kayaking

Ditch the rowing machine at the gym and get out on the water instead!

It is easy to assume that rowing only targets your upper body, but, in reality, it presents quite the challenge for your legs and core, too. If you live near a lake or other large body of water, you have to give it a try.

Another fun water activity that will burn some major calories is kayaking. Kayaking isolates the upper body more than rowing, but it will still cause you to break a sweat. Since you have to rotate your body back and forth to move the kayak, you will also get a great core workout when you hit the water.

If you live near a lake, check if they offer kayaking lessons or group outings. Then, if you decide you like it, you can look into investing in your equipment! It will allow you to learn the basics in a safe, no-pressure setting.

Park Circuit Workouts

Many of the best outdoor workout options for summer are cardio-based. But, it is vital to make sure you are not neglecting strength training, either.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to lift weights in the gym to build muscle. All you need is your body weight and some equipment you will find at your local park if you want to get fancy.

A simple park bench is a great multi-purpose tool that you can easily use for exercises like push-ups, triceps dips, and step-ups. You can also use monkey bars or other playground equipment to work on pull-ups and hanging leg raises -- the possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Workout Safety Tips

To get the most out of your summer workouts and stay safe, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen if you are going to be outside for more than 20 minutes
  • Wear workout clothes that are designed to protect you from UV rays
  • Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and scalp
  • Let yourself get acclimated to the heat slowly
  • Be wary of medications that increase your sun sensitivity (antibiotics, antidepressants, and herbs like St. John's Wort can do this)

Final Thoughts

Taking your workouts outside is a great way to stay motivated during the summer months. Keep these outdoor workout options (and outdoor safety tips) in mind to have a fun, safe, and healthy summer!

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