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Young Athletes' Stories

Mr. John Barton reviews young athletes' stories about their way through hope, despair, hard work, and study.

Ever since the sport became a competition, young athletes have sought to obtain skills and knowledge that would make them champions. But, winning such achievements takes more than just hard work. There is a long road ahead of you with plenty of bumps along the way.

The regular training schedules, devastating failures, and missed lectures will take a toll on you. But, if you want to succeed, you should never allow yourself to feel beaten. Instead, you need to grasp every opportunity and face the challenges head-on. Here is how you can make that happen.

Hard Work Young Athletes Have to Face

Most young people find it challenging to balance sport and education. In university, the long-hour training and regular competitions make it hard to keep up. At first, students think it is easy to study and practice. But, the moment they play to win, they will realize where their priorities lie. Winning is seductive. Student-athletes love attention, praise, and applause. However, when they have to choose between going to a competition or writing those essential research papers, that is when the real problem begins.

In theory, developing a habit to learn and exercise should be easy. Conversations with friends can help athletes stay on the right path (for ex: what to study, when the exams are, how to do the homework, etc.).

But, in reality, college assignments are a struggle. It becomes challenging to create plagiarism-free content, let alone plan the whole schedule. So, students try to overcompensate. They sacrifice sleep to cope with the heavy pressure. But, no matter how hard they try, it is never that easy.

What is the Key to Becoming a Successful Athlete?

Every young athletic career starts with serious competition. But, to make it worth your while, you must find a way to juggle college studies and sports events.

Professional athletes learn to control their emotions. They utilize their skill sets to their full potential. They continuously improve and stay the course whenever there is a big challenge up ahead. That is where hope can help.

Hope can give you that push in the right direction. It can inspire and motivate you to overcome those issues and find a way to do paper writing and training on time. That way, you can still study and gain all those achievements for which you have worked so hard.

Why Hope?

A lot of college professors are inspiring their class to write an essay on hope. And there is a good reason for that. Psychologists believe that hope can change students on a physiological and psychological level. With hope, young people will learn how to implement positive changes in their lives. But, most importantly, it will give them the willpower they need to succeed.

As you can see, it is no wonder why many students do creative writing essays on hope. With examples such as these, they will use motivation as a practical coaching method. That is how they can get the right kind of help to become perfect homework writers and excellent athletes at the same time.

How Did Celebrities Overcome These Challenges?

When you feel that the pressure is about to consume you, you should focus on other stories to motivate you. That is where learning from famous athletes can prove useful. Take Michael Jordan, for example – a renowned basketball player. You have surely noticed that people are praising him for his skills. He even became the best player of all time. But, he was not born into success. He created it.

When Michael was a student in high school, he was cut out from his team. He lost 300 games and missed a winning shot 26 times. Michael never let despair keep him down. Instead, he used those failures to make himself stronger. With each failure, he strived even harder. Hope, motivation, and great determination kept him going.

Final Thoughts

Universities and high schools are teaching people how to use the gift of hope. It is all about boosting their self-esteem and self-fulfillment. With proper training skills and enough motivation, young athletes can reduce their risk of failure.

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