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American Football Fans

Harry Rose provides advice on three things every American Football fan needs to know about the game.

Attaching yourself to a particular sport is a full-time job. While the sport's beauty is in the game itself, there is a unique satisfaction and fun in actually watching the game. Being a sports fan, be it traditional football, cricket, or American football, is all about keeping up with the game. You have to plan your entire schedule around games, and if, God forbid, you are living on the opposite side of where the actual game is happening, you even have to sacrifice your sleep to watch the game live.

American football is a complicated game, but it is not chess. If you give it enough time, you can quickly learn everything about it. This article will highlight the primary things that every American football fan should know.

The Beauty of the Game

Before you begin with anything else, the first thing you have to realize and bury deep inside your brain is the beauty of the actual game. Most people see American football as a violent sport, but when you get right down to the basics, there are so many things that many do not know. While football might be entertainment for you, it is a pain for the actual players.

You have to realize that they put themselves on the line for you, which you must appreciate. Football used to be a rough sport in the past, but with concussion protocols and other safety measures being taken, things started to get on the right path to enjoy the fans and the players.

Fantasy Football or Real Football?

A very complicated question that most fans have to deal with is why they watch the game. Is it to get their football fantasy points up, or are they enthusiastic about it? While I agree that a fan can simultaneously do things, things start to get real when choosing between your favourite team vs the player you have put on your fantasy team. If your team loses, they miss the playoff, and if they win, you lose fantasy points.

So, you have to chalk up your priorities before a game begins. The best way to get on top of your football fantasy game is to make sure that you use trustable news sources like the NFL to brush up your knowledge and check drafts before each game so that you can pick the right team and players before a game. 

Teams Win Games, Not Quarterbacks

A huge misconception that many people have in their minds is that a quarterback can win games on his own. Where quarterbacks have the most responsibility on their shoulders, you realize that he is playing beside a team. If he doesn't play together with the rest of the team, he will never do the things he wants to do. Football is a beautiful game because it is about symphony and teamwork.

In the end, the team that has the best teamwork wins the most championships. Every fan must know the basic formation like a wide receiver and defensive end. You might have heard about terms such as 5-technique or 3-technique. These are derived from the gaps between the defenders when they line up.  Over time, when you keep watching games, you will learn a lot about the best formation and which players play the best at a specific position so that you can impress your friend with that knowledge.

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