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Vaporizer Guide

Helen Bell provides advice on features to watch out for when looking for dry herb and concentrate vapes.

If you are on the hunt for a vaporizer that is a little out of the ordinary, these vaporizer features are must-watch-out-for. Browse through More info about vapors here and check out why these vape hallmarks are mind-blowing.

Not Just Temperature Adjustment But “Airflow” Too 

Vape pens are brilliant in that users can regulate the temperature of the oven based on how the level they desire for the vapour’s intensity when drafted. But some devices have adjustment settings for airflow as well.

Not just “temperature”, but the stream of vapour you’ll get to breathe in. You can monitor the thickness of the draft you take. This one’s a great feature especially if you want to strictly observe not just the intensity of it, but how much you take in through your respiratory organs.

LED Control

Digital screens are common among vaporizers. If you want something that is a notch higher than these, choose ones that have LED control. LED-controlled vaporizers usually have almost the same functions as their older, digital counterparts. Regardless, they make operating a vape easier to monitor, and with fewer delays.

You can check on the vape's temperature, and for ones with airflow monitoring, airflow, on the screen. Think of it as an indicator to ensure that your cannabis use is safe and equal to your level of ease in inhaling certain amounts and/or intensities of dry herb vapour.

Compact Structure

Vape pens are generally compact. They are as pocket-friendly as an actual pen and they are portable, in comparison to desktop vaporizers.

However, there are newer vapes that have been designed to be even more compact. Talk about optimal portability, unlike anything you have seen before.

Herb Or Concentrate Compartment

Another unique characteristic of today's rarer vapes is that they come with a small chamber where you can store your herbs for a short period while keeping them fresh. We say "short period" because remember that the fresher your dry herbs, the lower the likelihood of having them go stale. And cannabis staleness is a fragrant one indeed.

Battery Life or Rechargeable Batteries

Whether built-in or detachable, reliable vaporizers are not only all about nor limited to the vape experience. They are also about efficiency. Newer makes, with rechargeable batteries, can provide you with longer vaping sessions.

In the long run, this will save you loads of additional time and energy spent on recharging. Whereas vape charging duration typically takes hours on average, ones that can provide you with above-average battery life is a definite win.

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