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Why College Students Should Start Boxing

Mr. James Baxter provides five reasons for college students to start boxing without sacrificing academic performance and final grades.

College students have tons of opportunities to take part in after-class activities. This is the best time to engage in as many activities as possible because who knows where a student could find his or her passion. Among life-changing experiences popular in the western student community, I would like to highlight boxing classes.

Among professional boxers, there are several who started boxing during their student years like Lennox Lewis, Deontay Wilder, and John Sullivan. Of course, you may not end up as a boxing superstar, yet this kind of activity deserves your attention, especially if you admire the challenge. Hiring an essay writer to do all the paper workload is not what everyone used to do, but you would likely think about that when academic tasks are overweight to the training schedule.

You will Find New Social Ties

Finding new social ties might be quite challenging for the students who have recently moved to another town and changed the social environment entirely. The boxing club at college might be a fantastic spot to start your social life and find people who have similar interests. Of course, you are risking being tied up to the specific people who are boxing with you and not anyone else outside. There is also a certain level of stereotypes around students who go boxing, and people think that they are starting fights at parties and so on.

However, I encourage you not to be misled by the stereotypes; boxing is excellent when it comes to socializing. And the funniest part is that gender does not matter anymore, boxing becomes popular among girls too. That means that you can satisfy your every social need, from meeting a spring break buddy to even finding a girlfriend, but do not get too soft because she might knock you out in the second round.

Even more, when the next big party on campus happens, you will not stay a social outcast and find people to visit it together.

Mental and Physical States Will Be Improved

Starting boxing is about physical strength, agility, and putting your mind’s chemistry together when you enter the next round. College boxing affects almost every aspect of your body responsible for the sense of well-being. Among the benefits that you are likely going to experience:

  • Cardiovascular health improvement. You will have plenty of cardio training that will boost the performance of your heart and blood vessels in daily life.
  • The overall strength of your muscles will be increased. During boxing, all body muscles are affected, from the legs to the upper body, meaning that you will not have to visit the gym separately.
  • The overall strength of your muscles will be increased. During boxing, all body muscles are affected, from the legs to the upper body, meaning that you will not have to visit the gym separately.
  • Coordination of your movements becomes better. Boxing requires spontaneous reaction and coordination of body and leg movements.
  • Stress, anxiety, and sudden alertness happen rarely. Your body hormones will come to balance due to extensive physical activity.
  • Increased confidence and overall self-esteem. Boxing stimulates the production of stress hormones that leads to a stable mental state. 

As you can see, boxing is an activity that boosts your body and mind at the same time. It will not only improve your daily state but will also allow you to concentrate on academic tasks for longer periods. Such a complex activity as boxing will not be a barrier to better grades at your college at all.

You will Be Able to Protect Yourself and People You Love

Is boxing good at self-defence? The answer is yes if only being used for defending yourself or people around from a threat like a robbery or assault from several people. The thing is, boxers have a higher chance to deliver an instant knock-out to an offender compared to other martial arts. In case someone attacks you, the best option would be to disable the attacker's combat qualities by an instant hit.

It means that even if a cold weapon is used against you, the possibility of levelling the stakes is there for you and people who could hang out alongside you. Even more, when an advantage is not on your side, say several individuals could be attacking you, defensive moves from boxing could help you reduce the damage. Being a better punch-dodger is always a good opportunity to keep all the ribs intact.

You Learn What Self-Discipline Is

Boxing is one of those sports activities that teach you a lesson about self-discipline. You will have to keep track of the calories and nutrition of your diet to stay fit before, during, and after training. You will also have to distribute time evenly to get enough sleeping hours for your body to restore after training.

Right when you have a chance to party, but training is on the schedule, that is where your power of will is going to be tested as well. Boxing is about self-limitation and control, for the sake of an activity that will define who you are at some level. What such level of time control brings to the table? You will kick off procrastination from your studies because every minute will be precious to get papers done on time. It will improve your levels of concentration on specific tasks, like outlining essays or writing a self-reflection paper.

Other People Would Find You an Interesting Person

Let us imagine that you’re having a conversation with a new groupmate in your new semester class. He or she probably has conventional interests like watching Netflix or chilling out with friends. When a person shows that a central hobby in life is a thing that has weight, such an individual instantly gains recognition in the eyes of others. You’re probably not going to brag about how good you are at boxing or show your biceps to others, but talk about boxing in general as a philosophy of life. That gives extra scores for you to stay an interesting person to people in the student community.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the five reasons for you to start boxing during your student years have sounded appealing. Increased focus on daily tasks and time management, improved brain and physical states, and showing off among other students are not the only benefits of boxing, but one of the most important for students who want to be involved in the activity that stimulates self-development and improves communication skills. Boxing is indeed a kind of philosophy to follow, so if you feel rigorous and stubborn enough, then welcome to the club.

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