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Benefits of Walkie Talkies

Nick Ferrari explains how Walkie Talkies can boost efficiency in the leisure and fitness industry.

Every day, fitness centres and gyms see a high volume of visitors, making them challenging work settings for employees. The key to running a thriving centre is ensuring that the staff can efficiently provide practical support and accomplish their everyday tasks.

Many industries currently use walkie talkies for communication support daily. They are known for their many professional qualities and are considered a must-have in the workplace.

More formally known as licence-free radios, walkie-talkies are two-way radios that operate over PMR446 frequencies. They are budget-friendly, easy to use and work straight out of the box.

Licence-free radios are proven to boost efficiency throughout workplaces, providing a proficient two-way communication method at the push of a button.

So what are the overall benefits of using walkie talkies throughout the building? Is it worth it?

See the below benefits of two-way radio communication throughout leisure centres and gyms identified by Radio Solutions.

Instant Communication

Press the Push to Talk (PTT) button to correspond with other users instantly. Walkie talkies are easy to use, so users can pick up a radio and will be set for the day ahead. 

Operating with walkie talkies also means users do not need to make unnecessary trips around a building to communicate, saving them time. If a staff member has to remain at a particular location, the walkie talkie will provide that necessary support without moving. 

Walkie talkies provide immediate communication and offer a professional, clear interaction source. If there is little to no phone signal at the centre, two-way radio communication is paramount.

Daily Organisation

Two-way radio communication in the workplace is more efficient and professional than using a mobile phone. Leisure centres often offer classes in sports halls and fitness suites.

The use of two-way radio communication will allow staff to control the day more efficiently. It will also see members of the centre satisfied with the service provided

Licenced Radios

There may be occasions when licence-free radios will not be powerful enough to transmit across the building throughout larger buildings. When this situation occurs, it is recommended that licenced radios are used instead.

An Ofcom licence is required to use the devices, which costs £75 for five years. Licenced radios will operate across a further distance to licence free, and users will also have dedicated frequencies. Meaning that this is private to the handlers, so there will be no risk of interference.

So what are the best walkie talkies for my workplace?

Radio Solutions has an expert term to provide assistance and advice on what walkie talkies will best suit your workplace.

If you are unsure whether you would need licence free or licenced, the team will be able to advise what will work for you. Radio Solutions even offer trial periods for radios, so you can try them out and be confident they'll support your requirements before purchasing.

Radio Solutions are at hand to offer their expert advice to customers. They supply all the best-selling walkie talkies, suitable for all budgets and user requirements. Give the team a call on 01745 335811 to discuss your requirements.

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