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Quit Smoking with CBD Oil

Helen Bell provides advice on how CBD oil will help you to quit smoking.

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that, despite warning labels, nearly 15-percent of all adult Americans smoke cigarettes. Another eight million people use some form of smokeless tobacco product. People know the dangers, yet they continue because it is among the hardest addiction to quit. Studies are now showing that people who use nicotine replacement therapy, counseling, and CBD oil have fewer problems with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Nicotine or Tobacco Addiction

Big Pharma has tried to help smokers quit by offering medication and nicotine replacement options. There are inhalers, patches, and gum. However, many do not find it helpful because you are trying to replace tobacco and nicotine addiction. Using a combination of Big Pharma and tobacco-free products from this website is one way to stop using cigarettes over time.

Why Quitting is Hard

People are already aware that smoking will lead to cancers throughout the body, heart problems, and strokes. It is not that we do not know why we should quit; it is overcoming the withdrawal is more difficult than other drugs.

Withdrawing brings the following symptoms: headaches, cravings, insomnia, nausea, mood swings, depression, restlessness, and inability to focus.

Anxiety increases because your body has suppressed the natural receptors in your body designed to handle stressful situations. The only way to successfully stop smoking is to manage these symptoms and learn to cope in another way.

Can CBD be Effective?

The problem with nicotine replacement treatments or going tobacco-free is you treat only the symptoms and not the habit. Habits are harder to break, especially if they are decades in the making. CBD offers solutions by removing the desire to follow your routine. In current studies, people have naturally decreased the number of cigarettes they have smoked by just under 50-percent in just over a week.

The theory behind the reduction is the same reason CBD helps with anxiety and depression. The cannabinoids interact with receptors in your brain that boost signals that nicotine either suppresses or takes over. When your body starts doing what it used to do before you started smoking, you are less likely to struggle with cravings. This is in addition to the ability to help you focus and battle stress without battling anxiety or depression.

Researchers are studying how deep the interaction with CB1 receptors assists smokers in quitting and recovering damage. These receptors are found in the brain, but also the spinal cord, organs, and tissues. Therefore, studies are being done to see the effect of CBD on the lungs, stomach, and urinary tract. Finally, CBD is used to restore sleeping habits and appetite since smoking causes insomnia and a loss of appetite.

The takeaway from all this information is yes, CBD is an effective tool for quitting smoking. It is best if it is combined with counseling to learn coping skills for the stresses that trigger your cravings. If you decide to use CBD, make sure you are shopping from reputable stores and understand what type of cannabinoid type you need. Edibles are better options, so you are not simply replacing one type of smoking with another. A great place to start is at

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