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Backyard Sports and Games

Dennis Hamming provides some sports and games that you can play in your backyard.

If you are looking to stay fit this summer but do not necessarily want to hit the gym, look no further than your backyard! If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, you will quickly discover that there are plenty of ways to get outside and use it.

Getting outside and participating in various sports and activities in your backyard is a good way to maintain your weight (or even lose weight, depending on the intensity of your activity), as well as keep your body healthy in other ways, such as by improving your cardiovascular health.

Spending time playing sports or participating in other backyard games is also a great way to spend time with your family or friends. If you are looking for some activities to do in your backyard this summer, keep reading.

Try a jumbo game

If you like games such as Connect Four and Jenga, try the jumbo versions of these games. Jumbo yard games are a way to enjoy those childhood classic board games on a larger scale. Large versions of many classic games, including checkers and Yahtzee, are readily available in stores. Some families also create their DIY versions of these games.

Not only can it be fun (and maybe a bit silly) to try playing these large games, but it is also an excellent way to work your body and stay active. However, most of these games will not be as physically exerting as a game of football or baseball.

Bounce around on a trampoline

If you are looking for something that will get your heart pumping, why not bounce around on a trampoline? You can enjoy bouncing by yourself or in a group. Jumping on a trampoline comes with many health benefits, including increasing your bone density. Doing aerobic exercises on a trampoline can also help you lose belly fat.

Keep in mind that trampolines have weight limits, so you may not be able to get your entire family on a trampoline at the same time. If you are not sure what trampoline to get or need help setting your trampoline up, visit Backyard Insider for some tips on how to get started.

Hit a wiffleball around

While baseball can be fun and help you stay active, it is not always feasible to play a game of baseball in your backyard, depending upon how many people you have available and what their overall fitness levels are.

One alternative to baseball is wiffleball, which uses a more lightweight ball and bat. Even though a wiffleball is light, it can still travel a reasonable distance when it is thrown or hit correctly! It just will not go as far as a baseball. This makes it easier to play in more confined spaces. Many people also adjust the game so that only a few players can play it.

Play a game of cornhole

Cornhole is a popular lawn game that can be played by only two players or in larger teams. Teams rotate between tossing bean bags at the cornhole frame. While this game is no;t as physically intense as others, it will still get you outside and moving around, even if it is only to walk back and forth to pick the beanbags up after each turn.

There are official regulated rules with a scoring system that you can use. However, many people end up establishing their own set of rules that work for their families. For example, children might need to stand closer to the cornhole frame to play.

Take time to capture the flag

Another backyard activity that will get your heart pumping is a game of capture the flag. Capture the flag can be played in small or large teams, and the rules can be adjusted to meet the needs of the players. In this game, you divide your yard into territories and place a flag in each territory. The idea is to capture the other team’s flag while also defending your own.

You can make the game even harder by incorporating obstacles into the game. Some people also have a rule where if you go into the other person’s territory, you can be tagged and captured by the other team.

Final thoughts

There are just a few of the sports and games you can play out in your backyard! No matter what your current fitness level is, there is sure to be an activity that you can participate in. Remember — even some physical activity is better than no physical activity, so get out and get moving!

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