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NFL Players With The Longest Careers

Amanda Campbell provides an insight into the careers of five NFL players.

There is plenty of new blood in the NFL now, with many potentially new legends having been drafted this year, but we wonder how long some of these potentially epic new players will be in the game for.

The teams in the NFL rise and fall with the players as they come and go, which makes the NFL evermore exciting as it goes on. We tend to feel that the average length of time a player will spend in the NFL is around 3 to 5 years or so.

However, there are some players who go above and beyond, and they stay in the game for over a decade. It is this extreme, intense love for the game and their dedication that sets them apart from other players, and we cannot help but adore that.

Whether your interest is in the game for the sport or for the NFL free picks, we all want to know which players are going to stick around a while longer. That is exactly why we have decided to take the time to introduce you to the NFL players who have the longest careers.

Longest Careers By Games Played

The best way to look at who has been ‘kicking’ around for the longest is to look at how many games each player has played in. It gives a full picture of the length of a player's career. Some players may have been injured and out for a year, so games played is the ideal unit of measurement.

Morten Andersen

The longest career we have seen in the NFL belongs to Morten Andersen. Andersen played a total of 382 games, and was a kicker.

He spent time with multiple teams as well, he spent time with the Saints, Giants, Chiefs, Falcons, and even the Vikings when he played the game from 1982 until 2007, which really shows just how long his career was.

When Andersen first started playing the game, there were only 28 teams in the NFL, and by the time he retired there were 32, and the NFL had taken the shape that it is in today .

He was named to a total of 7 Pro Bowls, as well as 3 First-Team All-Pros during his 25-year-long career.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady has played more than you think. While his career is not exactly as long as Andersen, Brady actually started a total of 366 games. With 319 of these being regular season games and 47 playoffs in a total of 23 seasons.

Brady has many achievements to his name. He played with the Patriots for the most part of his career, for 20 seasons, but then his final three with the Buccaneers.

We say ‘final three’, but no one knows when he will actually retire. He was meant to retire last year, but then decided to come back. He has 7 Super Bowl rings to his name, but we think perhaps he will not retire until he has 8.

He has countless records including records in passing yards, pass attempts, passing touchdowns, and playoff games played.

He has somewhat changed the sport since his skill has shown a whole new concept in ability. No one ever thought a quarterback would get as many Super Bowl rings, and here we are. Perhaps it will inspire the next generation of quarterbacks to attempt for the same.

Adam Vinatieri

Now we have Adam Vinatieri who has played 365 games in his career. He is also one of the oldest NFL players ever, he refused to hang up his cleats until he was 47 (although it now looks like Brady will beat him).

He played a total of 24 seasons, the first 10 being with the Patriots and then the last 14 with the Colts.

He is a 4 time Super Bowl camp, 3 times with the Patriots, and one with the Colts. He ranks in history for points scored and field goals made in his career.

Gary Anderson

Anderson was 45 when he decided to call it quits as an NFL kicker. He played 353 games altogether with 5 different teams over the span of his career.

He spent most of his playing career with the Steelers however, with whom he was named to the Pro-Bowl on 3 occasions.

He was also named to the Pro Bowl another time in ‘98 when he was playing with the Minnesota Vikings, and in the same year he also made First-Team All-Pro as well.

Jeff Feagles

Finally, we have Jeff Feagles, who spent a total of 22 seasons in the NFL playing as a punter.

He played for a grand total of 5 different teams over the course of his career, these included the Patriots, Giants, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Eagles.

Jeff Feagles was named to the Pro Bowl on two occasions, once in 1995 and another time, again, in 2008.

Overall, his total career punts are the most ever seen in NFL history, at 1,713 punts. And his punting yards are also topping the charts at 71,211 punting yards.

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