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The Perspective of Sports Education

Adriana Thompson provides an overview of sports careers.

Sport is a rather unconventional choice for anyone who decided to build a long-lasting career. This area is viewed with a degree of prejudice as it requires people to be at the top physical form to have any chances of succeeding. However, sports areas are not limited solely to the jobs that require athletic prowess as the industry is much broader than one might think. This article explores the possible prospects of a sports career with examples of possible choices for anyone interested in the sport.

The less obvious choices

Let us begin with the less obvious choices of sports career that the majority of people might forget about whatsoever. This particular section is useful for those that want to tie their passion for sports while utilizing other skills rather than sole athletic ones. I went through the samples of people’s cover letters that are available online for free and was pretty shocked by the variety of possible jobs in the industry.

Sports journalism

A rather unusual choice for anyone who is a fan of sports and loves talking about it and analyzing everything related to it. The list of jobs under this category is immersing: journalist, reporter, or broadcaster. A perfect choice for anyone who adores talking about sports topics but prefers to analyze rather than actively participate. Even more, it is exciting and entertaining, considering that sports journalism often requires a person to be present at various events!

Sports management

This category of jobs is a perfect match for people with a business grip and passion. The thing is – being related to the management within this industry requires specific economic and business education, so it is also an alternative for anyone who does not want to apply skills in the current business environment. Still, while being a perfect choice for a long-lasting career, it requires constant attention to detail and logical thinking, so it is best suited for those “checker” kinds of people.


One of the career choices is to go full freelance. The majority of people would ask – “how can someone work in the sports industry as a freelancer?” The answer is relatively simple: becoming an entertainer of sorts. For example, you could create your online podcast series or become an essay writer who focuses on sports.

The first option is relatively easily achievable as platforms such as Youtube and Twitch serve as a perfect ground for a podcast. As for the second option, which I picked myself, it is more tricky as a writer has to write new text for various customers while remaining unique, so your product should be plagiarism-free. That is why I always make stress using newyorkessays that prove the importance of applying some sorts of checkers, such as the one mentioned above.

Sports marketing

This one is an exciting area in the industry. The thing is – you focus on the creation of the marketing campaigns, messages, and other things that can get people into sports. You can also work on promoting specific brands or athletes, which is a pretty good choice for a long-lasting career. The job is suitable for those marketing graduates that want to work with what they are passionate about.

The choices directly connected to sports performance

Professional athlete

This career choice is for those dedicated to reaching heights in the sports industry. From what I know, most aspiring people work their way to become professionals in some sport on an international scale. For example, let us pick the most popular types of sports careers: rugby, football, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. You hear about these the most, and they gather the most significant number of people around the world. That is why becoming a professional athlete is such a prestigious career goal.

Still, there are some things that you should be aware of. Considering the very nature of working physically, everyone should understand that it has its toll on the athletes’ health. That is why a large number of professional sportsmen and sportswomen are retiring from the sport at the age of 30-35. While you might consider this to be a not so long-lasting career choice, it is required to understand that a professional athlete can accumulate enough wealth to retire earlier than most do. Even more, this is not the end, which I am going to explain in the next pick on the list.

Sports coach

While being somewhat similar to the sports manager’s profession, the sports coach requires physical prowess and managerial skills. Being responsible for a soccer team or an individual athlete’s performance at events is a demanding but very prestigious task. That is why this particular career choice requires a broad spectrum of skills and competencies, which pay off generously. Even more, lots of professional athletes decide to move into this niche after retiring from the professional scene. There are different examples of people with a successful transition, such as Zinedine Zidane, who became the coach and manager of the famous football club Real Madrid.

Health & fitness instructor

If you want to connect your career to helping others while being physically fit, a health & fitness instructor is your pick. The thing is – this job requires a person to be knowledgeable of such topics as different kinds of diets, exercises, and human anatomy. An instructor has to create a diet and exercise plan for the client based on the individual specifics of one’s body and possible health conditions. So, it is a consultant, doctor, and motivator for those who want to change their lives for the better. Even more, the fitness industry is booming with the new trend of adopting a healthy lifestyle, so it is very profitable.


As it is possible to see, the number of jobs connected to the sports industry is immense. You can work as a journalist, manager, marketer, and even freelancer! The list of directly sports-related posts is even broader: an athlete with a choice of different occupations, coach, health & fitness instructor, and many more. All of these choices are viable for a long-lasting career and offer an opportunity to turn your passion into money!

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