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The Best Sports Universities in the UK

Adriana Thompson provides an overview of some sports universities in the UK.

Sports are more than hobbies. For many, it is a way of life. Luckily, in the UK we have a lot of Universities with excellent facilities for sports activities. This kind of institution has unique campuses where physical activities can be practised freely and with almost no limitations. And many of them also offer courses so students can have the option to get a major related to sports sciences. Do you need to learn about the top sports universities in the UK? Then do not miss a word in this article, we tell you everything you need to know.

University of Bath

Bath is located in Somerset, southwest England, and west of the capital. It is one of the few cities in the UK where there are thermal waters, which is a great touristic attraction. What draws attention to this city is the University of Bath, a prestigious institution with a big passion for sports.

The University of Bath has worked a lot to become one of the best sports universities in the UK, and today is an essential destination for students with a deep interest in sports and maybe the intention of getting a major in sports sciences. The main campus is located in Claverton Down, just outside the city, and it has a variety of sporting facilities to fulfill any students’ requirements. The interest these institutions have in promoting sports is so big that they hosted athletes and teams training for the London 2012 Olympics in facilities inside the campus.

Durham University

In the Northeast of England is the city of Durham, a mine of incredible architecture that fascinates thousands of visitors every year. In the middle of this picturesque scenery, which includes a river and beautiful landscapes, is Durham University. This is a collegiate public research University that promotes sports as a lifestyle.

It was founded in 1832 and received the royal charter in 1837. In the sports' history of Durham, they have over 13 national titles in different sports, a significant number if you consider that competition is hard-fought. Its campus has several fields and expert coaches for 15 disciplines, a dream for students passionate about sports that want to explore different sports courses.

Leeds Beckett University

There are tools to help students with different tasks related to their academic life. For instance,  if you need free essay examples online, you can look for a writing service to provide you with those samples. And if you need to keep your sports skills sharp and get a major in a sport-related specialty, Leeds Beckett University is probably one of the best choices for you.

This institution was called Leeds Polytechnic some years ago, later it became Leeds Metropolitan University, but in 1992 gained University status, and in 2014, became the Leeds Beckett University. It is located in the Northern city of Leeds, a huge financial district in West Yorkshire. The main campus is close to multiple businesses. Still, it is three miles further from the city is the Headingly Campus, a big sports science centre, with numerous sports laboratories and facilities where students can live sporting experience.

University of Edinburgh

In 1582 the University of Edinburgh was founded, which means that it is the sixth oldest University in the UK and one of Scotland’s oldest Universities. It is situated in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, close to the North Sea. Some consider it the second most popular University in the UK.

What about the sports policies of this institution? If you are a student passionate about sports, you need to know that Edinburgh University is one of the best sports universities in the UK. They offer numerous facilities for students to develop their athletics skills and improve their performance. Here you will be free to specialize in indoor disciplines like basketball or martial arts and outdoor sports like archery and climbing.

University of Loughborough

Loughborough University is located in the northern region of Leicestershire county, in the middle of England. It was founded in 1909 and had a magnificent campus with more than eight professional size fields for different sports.

Is Loughborough a good option for students passionate about sports? Well, Sebastian Coe, Jamell Anderson, Paula Radcliffe, Beth Cobden, and Tanni Grey-Thompson have two things in common: they were all students at the University of Loughborough and also star athletes who have won medals in several disciplines. This institution is proud to say that in the 2012 Olympics, Loughborough students won 35 medals, and in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, they went home with 13 medals. This kind of record makes Loughborough one of the top sports universities in the UK.

University of Birmingham

Birmingham is a cosmopolitan city filled with cultural activities and diversity. It is a great place to study because this entourage can motivate learning processes for students. This is part of the reason why the University of Birmingham is one of the most popular in the UK. The other jazzy aspect is related to its sports policies.

Birmingham University offers around 40 sporting scholarships every year, a unique number, higher than most institutions offer. They also allow students to practice in professional facilities and to be trained by some of the best coaches in the country. This kind of tactic has helped Birmingham students accomplish outstanding achievements, like having the winning team for the Cross Country Championships in 2015 in both the male and female competitions. At this University students will be able to practice several disciplines, study courses related to sports sciences, and use professional spaces to develop their skills, in many cases, completely free.

The University Of Exeter

The University of Exeter has two campuses located in the southwest of the UK, one in Exeter and the other in Cornwall. Both cities offer an enriching environment for students, with engaging activities for young people. Besides this, it has excellent sports programs to propel participants’ skills and abilities.

Their sports complex has two great centres: the Russell Seal Fitness Center, with innovative tools that maximize performance and 200 stations for a workout, and the St Luke’s fitness centre, which offers 30 stations for personal training. You have the possibility of going online to explore the different programs they have for you.

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