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5 Oldest Players To Win A Super Bowl

Amanda Campbell provides an overview of the five oldest players to win a Super Bowl.

Winning a Super Bowl is often the highlight of an NFL player’s career. It is far more impressive to win a Super Bowl when that player wins one when they are older. While winning a Super Bowl at any stage of your career is highly impressive, it is considered to be the highlight of an NFL player’s career and culminates all that they have worked so hard to achieve. However, it is far more impressive to accomplish this achievement when you are far older than your average NFL player.

This is because the NFL is considered to be a young man’s game. Player performance tends to decline whenever a player reaches the age of 30. Thus, seeing players perform brilliantly when in their 40s is superb. This article outlines the five oldest players to win a Super Bowl. After reading this article, you should visit this page for the best Super Bowl odds.

Tom Brady

To this day, Tom Brady is the oldest player in the NFL to win a Super Bowl. Of course, Brady is considered to be the greatest NFL player of all time. Thus, it is unsurprising that he has won a super bowl in his old age.

This infamous quarterback has won more super bowls than any other franchise in the history of the NFL. He won his first super bowl aged 24 and won his latest super bowl nearly twenty years thereafter. He also has a chance to break his own record and continue to win Super Bowls hereafter.

Jeff Feagles

Jeff Feagels took part in one of the most renowned super bowl upsets to date. Feagles played as the punter for the New York Giants when they pulled it out of the bag to defeat the undefeated New England Patriots. Feagles punted an incredible four ties during the game, totalling 156 yards overall. He also managed to pull off a 55-yard punt during the process.

The Giants needed everyone to work together to their utmost potential that night to pull off this amazing upset and they achieved everything that they wanted to. Due to Feagles excellent performance and coffin-corner punts, he ended up making the Pro Bowl during the next season prior to his retirement.

Mike Horan

Mike Horan is also an incredible punter. Those who make good punters are those who have a longer footballing lifespan than most other position players. Horan proved himself to be an incredibly valuable player for the St. Louis Rams, winning the Super Bowl just two days before his 41st birthday.

During his Super Bowl XXXIV win over the Tennessee Titans, Horan’s longest punt stretched for 49 yards! He announced his retirement from the game shortly afterwards, ending his incredible career on a massive high as a reigning Super Bowl champion.

Andrew Whitworth

Andrew Whitworth is renowned for being one of the best offensive linemen of the last ten years. He has spent the vast majority of his career playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, narrowly missing out on numerous playoff wins. However, when Whitworth moved to Los Angeles and joined the Rams, he began to get the chance to win a Super Bowl.

Whitworth was the left tackle that could protect Stafford and this combination is exactly what won the Rams the Super Bowl LVI. Whitworth decided to retire at the end of this season and retired from the game as the oldest linemen to win a Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is considered to be one of the greatest players of all time, finishing his career with a Super Bowl championship at the age of 39. Manning is an incredible quarterback, and spent 13 seasons playing for the Indianapolis Colts. After winning a Super Bowl with Indy, Manning decided to move to the Broncos in order to win another championship.

He accomplished his goals for a second time by defeating the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. He would retire thereafter, ending his historic career on the biggest of highs.


To conclude, this article has outlined five of the oldest NFL players to win a super bowl. While winning a Super Bowl at any stage of your career is highly admirable, it is even more impressive to accomplish this achievement when you are later into your career. This is because football is considered to be a young man’s sport, and there are an abundance of hungry, young players in the NFL that are geared to take your spot.

Thus, for these iconic players to have held their position and played in some of the most exciting and entertaining games in NFL history, showcases their incredible skill set, talent, drive, and dedication to the sport. Many of the aforementioned players decided to retire from the sport shortly after winning these games, as winning a Super Bowl is undoubtedly the highlight of a player’s career.

I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative.

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