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Fitness for IVF

Yayyab provides advice on the importance of Body Fitness for a successful in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

Parenthood is one of the most blissful phases of any individual. The feeling of bringing a tiny human being, who is your flesh and blood into this world, and watching them grow up is a feeling that everyone craves.

Babies are cute, and there are no doubts about that. When the baby is your own, you can enjoy his undivided selfless attention and live the cutest moments of your life. Parenthood also makes you realize your inner strengths and enables you to work harder to be able to provide the best for your child.

Unfortunately, many couples in this world are deprived of this blessing. Infertility is the most painful thing for a couple. That is why many couples continue to get medical treatment in the hope of being able to procreate someday even if the chances are bleak. One of the most successful and the most sought-after method of infertility treatment is IVF or in vitro-Fertilization.

IFVs are generally used in circumstances where sperm and an egg are not able to join together, and therefore the process is completed outside the body artificially.

It must be noted that there can be reasons other than infertility for a couple to opt for an IVF such as being in a homosexual relationship. Infertility clinics and maternity centres such as Elawoman are great places to get your IVF done.

Although IVF has gained quite a lot of popularity recently, a lot of newbies believe that it is a guaranteed path to parenthood. What most people do not know is that many factors affect the chances of the success rate of an IVF, and one of the most important of them is your body fitness.

Here are a few things that you should be aware of before attempting an IVF.

Weight and Body Fat

Being underweight, overweight, or having an unbalanced body composition can have a massive impact on the success of your IVF. Lower body fat slows down your ovulation chances and lowers your estrogen levels which makes it difficult to conceive.

Likewise, having too much weight may result in problems such as increased levels of testosterone and Polycystic Ovaries, which makes conception difficult. Therefore, you must maintain optimal body composition and weight when undergoing an IVF treatment.

Ideally, for a successful IVF, your body fat levels must remain somewhere between 22% and 25%, and your calorie intake remains in check. Other than that, ensure a regular workout routine to keep your body fit and healthy.


The success chances of IVF on an individual body are highly dependent on the age of the carrier or the mother. The older the age, the more difficult it gets to fertilize the eggs. Likewise, the success rates are higher in a woman who chooses to undergo IVF at a much younger age.

Do Not Trust the Success Rate

The success of an IVF treatment is highly dependent on an individual's age and body type. If it worked well for person A, it does not mean that it will work for person B too.

Each person has their unique circumstances and body type, and therefore, IVF may or may not work successfully for everyone.

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