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Students Popular Sports

Elizabeth Baldridge reviews the most popular student sports activities.

Movement helps everyone to be healthy. That is why sport should be in the life of each of us. Sport helps us to look good and feel energetic but also changes our life for the better and encourages us to be more active and confident. We have selected the most popular sports and will tell you about them.

Sports Activities International

First, it is noteworthy to point out the history of student sports. The International Federation of University Sports (FISU) was founded in 1949. The main function of this federation is to hold summer and winter Universiade, as well as World University Championships. The Universiade, according to many researchers from the WritingUniverse, is an international sport and cultural event held every two years in different cities and is considered the second most important sporting event after the Olympic Games.

Another important form of holding International Sports competitions among students is considered the World University Championship, which aims to spread university sports around the world, conducting various meetings and competitions. Over the last 30 years, about 200 World University Championships have been held, providing a wide range of sports disciplines. These events are an opportunity for athletes to meet outside the program Universiade every two years. Championships are provided in the program, as a rule, such sports: as orienteering, judo, motorsport, handball, table tennis, rowing, archery. Also, FISU together with The International Ski Federation organizes ski competitions racing, and skiing.

Universiades and Championships are open to all student-athletes aged 17 to 28 years studying at universities. Any association included in FISU can be represented by a national team or individual participant to participate in competitions.

The main purpose of FISU, as noted in the statute, is about the following.

  • development of university sports at all levels;
  • moral and physical development of students;
  • establishing contacts between students of all countries and their cooperation for the development of international university sports.

Let us take the United States as an example of the distribution of popular sports among students. Sports scholarships in American universities and colleges are the dream of both schoolchildren and students engaged in any sport. But it must be earned by taking an active part in the sports life of the school, taking prizes. Using term paper help you can achieve everything. It is important to successfully study in the main speciality.

Ranking of the most popular sports in the United States, which can receive a sports scholarship: football, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics. As a percentage, the ranking of the most popular sports in the United States is as follows.

  1. baseball (played by 10%);
  2. American football (8%);
  3. basketball (7%);
  4. hockey (6%);
  5. golf (7%);
  6. tennis (5%);
  7. swimming (5%);
  8. volleyball (4%);
  9. football (3%);
  10. bowling (3%);

Sport Interest

Sports activities at the level of international communication worldwide are prestigious and are a means of communication with other people. World Student Games are eligible to be called "small Olympics" and the number of participants, the seriousness has no equal in the world after the Olympic Games.

Regarding the interests of the sports of US students, the data shows that the sports discussed in the article are the most popular and beloved by Americans. The whole country takes an active part in sports or attending relevant events with the whole family. Sport is part of American culture.

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