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Coping with Divorce with Sport

Floyd Colon provides advice on how sport can help you cope with divorce.

Coping with divorce is always hard. No matter how long you have been married, your breakup can harm both your mental and physical well-being. That is why it is so important to take care of your health during such dark days properly, and some exercise added to your daily routine can greatly help you in this regard. 

While many people think that junk food, alcohol, and drugs can help them cope with their negative emotions better, others rush into new relationships as soon as they get their DIY divorce kit, mistakenly believing that a new romance can help them to forget about their broken marriage faster, but how wrong they are! None of this helps.

A little bit of regular physical activity is one of the best divorce remedies. Practicing sports is a relatively cheap yet safe way of dealing with divorce-related stress and keeping fit. If you do not believe that, try to take a few morning jogs or yoga classes and the result will be not long in coming! Let us find what kinds of sports can help you get back on track faster and how:


Yoga is popular today, and rightly so! Practicing it will help you increase your body strength and reduce your stress levels. Yoga is known to promote clarity so that you can see the other side of your current situation. You can choose from different styles of yoga depending on your physical fitness.

Besides making you healthier, yoga will make you a better person without a doubt. Pretty soon, you will see that you are more open-minded, sleep better, and look greater! You can start practicing yoga at home or you can take a few classes to increase your self-confidence and sustain your overall health. Three or four sessions a week are enough initially. And sooner or later you may even decide to add yoga to your daily routine.


You are loosening up, having some fun, making new friends, and getting stronger. No matter how old and fit you are, you can start dancing! If you are lucky enough to find a good teacher, you can begin dancing socially pretty soon.

Dancing is not only a great way to unwind and make new friends. Through it, you can find a date, too. Take a few dance lessons to take your mind off of your divorce-related blues and focus more on feeling your body, having fun, interacting with others, and dancing with someone else in front of others – what can be better for your self-esteem?


Running is suitable for both your mind and body, and you do not need anything except for a pair of comfortable running shoes, eco-friendly leggings, and a sports top to start jogging. Below there are five reasons why you should start your every morning with a short run as you go through tough times:

Running can be social – you can ask your friends to join you – this is how you can stop isolating yourself socially and start getting back to normal life faster. If you join a running group, you have all chances to make new friends there, too.

Nevertheless, running does not necessarily have to be social. If you feel like you need some time alone after your quick divorce online, here you go! Exercising alone will give you a great opportunity to recharge yourself and unwind.

Like other sports, running is known to release endorphins. These happy hormones will lift your spirits and help you avoid mood swings.

Running reduces stress levels and boosts brain function. When you are stressed out, doing something that can help you relieve stress is vital. If you feel like you cannot think, have trouble sleeping, or suffer from fatigue, then start running! A morning jog will increase your energy levels and help you to focus on your daily routine much better.

When you run regularly, you start making healthier choices. This is true for what you eat and drink, too. Running will help you stop eating junk food and drinking too much alcohol.

And finally, running will help you improve your self-esteem – which is very important whatever the circumstances surrounding your divorce.


Practicing sports is a great way to overcome separation. For some divorcees, attending yoga classes is a good divorce help. For others, getting outside for a jog is the best they can do to distress themselves and boost their energy levels. No matter what you choose, the key is to stay active, release those happy hormones, and think about your future.

When you look forward to a brighter future instead of pondering over your shady past, you get back to everyday life faster. Running, practicing yoga, or getting involved in other sports will help you shift your perspective and make you feel much better about your current situation without a doubt.

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