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How to have an Athletic Body

Mr. Tayyab explains how to develop a physically healthy body.

If your poor physical health has always been a concern for you, the lockdown days are the best time to begin your transformation journey. These simple tricks will have you achieve a fit and athletic body without spending a fortune.

Fix Your Routine

The road to having a perfect athletic body starts with having a healthy and consistent routine. You cannot have an inconsistent lifestyle and expect your body to be fit and athletic at the same time. A good routine means that you should have set timings for everything that you do. The early to bed, early to rise mantra is the best way to go.

Fix a time for all your meals and follow the meal time religiously. Try to stick to your routine so that your body gets tuned to your sleeping and eating schedule.

Fix Your Diet

It is common knowledge that an athletic body requires healthy eating habits. However, a lot of people falsely believe that diet means starving your body. Keeping your stomach hungry for long hours is the worst way to go. This will do little to keep you in shape and will ruin your health instead. It is crucial to eat well but eat the right quantities and at the right time.

Your first meal should be early in the morning and should be the heaviest. Include good fats and protein in your diet. Lighten up the next meal with the last one being the lightest. You should have at least five small meals at regular intervals. Snack on salads and raw veggies and eliminate carbs and sodas from your diet.

Take Supplements

Your body needs a lot more nutrients than your food intake can provide you. Even the best diets lack adequate nutritional value such as magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, and vitamins. You can easily make up for all the shortfalls by taking the necessary supplements. These supplements not only keep you healthy but also help to improve the health of your hair and nails.

Besides these supplements, other fitness-specific supplements such as Protein shakes and Sarms help in giving you a much-needed energy boost and facilitate quick weight loss and muscle recovery.

Choose the Right Fitness Program

With the increased exposure due to free media and internet accessibility, more people are opting for fitness programs, and the fitness industry is growing steadily. As a result, a single Google search for a good workout program will be returned with hundreds of different work-outs and boot camps. Beginners can easily get confused in this case.

You must know the right workout program that suits your body, your fitness goals, and your convenience. The best way to go is to hire a personal trainer who can give you a customized workout plan starting with the basics and graduating to advanced levels.

Generally, HIIT programs are best for this purpose. HIIT programs can be easily carried out at home with basic equipment such as dumbbells without necessarily attending a gym facility.

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