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Cycling Coaches

This page contains a list of qualified Coaches who are willing to provide coaching and training advice to other coaches and athletes.

How to obtain advice from a registered coach

To contact a coach:

  • Search the table below
  • Identify the coach you wish to contact
  • Select (single click of the left mouse button) the coach's name
  • Your email facility should open a new email window with the coach's email address loaded
  • Enter your query for the coach - please include details of who you are and your event(s)
  • Send the email
  • Close the email window
  • Await a response from the coach
  • Any problems, then please email me the details.

UK Coaches

Country Town Coach Qualification
Essex Woodford Green Mrs Dawn Hunter BCF Level 2
Lincolnshire Weston, Spalding Mr Malcolm Smith ABCC L3, BC L2, Bikeability NS L3
Oxfordshire Oxford Mr Tom Kirk BCF Level 2

Overseas Coaches

Country Town Coach Qualification
Portugal Matosinhos
S. Mamede de Infesta
Mr Tiago Aragão UVP/FPC Level 2
USA Austin
Mr Dave Appel USA Cycling Level 3
USA Philadelphia
Mr Benjamin Sharp USA Cycling Level 2

New Coaches

If you would like to include your coaching details on Coach's Corner, then please let me know by completing the form on the Coach's Corner Registration of details page (select this link)

Registered Coaches

If your details contained on this page are incorrect, then please let me know by completing the form on the Coach's Corner Correction to details page (select this link).