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Throws Coaches

This page contains a list of qualified Coaches who are willing to provide coaching and training advice to other coaches and athletes.

How to obtain advice from a registered coach

To contact a coach:

  • Search the table below
  • Identify the coach you wish to contact
  • Select (single click of the left mouse button) the coach's name
  • Your email facility should open a new email window with the coach's email address loaded
  • Enter your query for the coach - please include details of who you are and your event(s)
  • Send the email
  • Close the email window
  • Await a response from the coach
  • Any problems, then please email me the details.

UK Coaches


County Town Coach Qualification
Essex Colchester Mr Rob Earle UKA 2
Hertfordshire Watford Mr Malcolm Wallace UKA 2
Hertfordshire Hatfield Mr Paul Valente UKA 1
Humberside Grimsby Mr Fernando KAS UKA 2
Oxfordshire Abingdon Mrs Jacqueline Cherry Athletics Coach
Warwickshire Leamington Spa Mr David Ashbourne UKA Event Group Throws
Warwickshire Warwick Mrs Rachel Berney Athletics Coach, National Youth Coach & EA tutor
Worcestershire Redditch Mr Samuel Cater UKA 2


County Town Coach Qualification
Gwent Pontypool Mr Ivor Evans UKA 2

Overseas Coaches

County Town Coach Qualification
Australia Melbourne
Mr Bryan R. Neighbour ATFCA Level 5
Australia Central Coast
New South Wales
Ms Kerry Smith ATFCA Level 4
Cyprus Limassol Mr Georgios Menelaou

IAAF Level 2
Coach degree in throwing from  National Sports Academy Bulgaria, and a Master degree in Sports in High Performances  for Javelin

Constantine   Mr Azzam Khaled Level 3
India Greater Noida Mr Akshay Bhati Mped
India Adampur
Mr Harminder Singh Qualified coach
India Delhi Mr Virender Kumar IAAF Level 2 - NIS Coaching Diploma
India Delhi Mr Harender Tomar IAAF level 2
Maldives    Mr Hassan Shamoon IAAF level 2
South Africa Johannesburg
Mr Linly de Beer IAAF 3
USA Watertow WI Mr Daniel Krueger USATF Level II
USA Wilmington
Mr Barry Swanson USATF level II
USA Philadelphia
Mr Scott Menin USATF Level II
USA Ardmore
Mr Charles Minkley High School Head Coach

New Coaches

If you would like to include your coaching details on Coach's Corner, then please let me know by completing the form on the Coach's Corner Registration of details page (select this link)

Registered Coaches

If your details contained on this page are incorrect, then please let me know by completing the form on the Coach's Corner Correction to details page (select this link).